Home Sewing Machine Problems?

12/04/2011 17:40

If you are a home-sewer with an older non-computerized machine, some of the problems with that machine are insurmountable often! Trust me, I know; because I used to have one of those machines myself!

In fact, I had put together 3 of those varieties of sewing machines, plus the frustration in getting the washing machine to work properly was prevalent in my sewing life!

Now I get a computerized model of a machine and it has its own sort of problems. First, it must be serviced by a qualified technician after a great number of hours of use. There isn't a warning - suddenly, it decides you won't work properly anymore which means you know you have to go on it to a technician.

However, before my fancy computerized kind of sewing machine, I tried everything I knew to try and do to fix those machines - without results about 99% of the time!

Finally, after a period of frustration with my machines, I came across an older gentleman who was simply willing to explain several things to me - mind you, I said explain, not show me!

I had taken considered one of my old machines within get fixed and hubby asked me if I had slipped the clutch. I don't think you want the looks he got from me. My first thought was, where would a clutch be on a sewing machine - mine is old! Ignoring my look that freeze anyone, he told me that this was the most widespread problem on an older non-computerized machine. It was easy to fix, approximately he informed me, and yes it only took 5 minutes. By this time, I thought I ought to leave the room or I wasn't liable for what would happen. When i proceeded to ask him why technicians maintain the machine for up to 25 days if it is a 5 minute job? He couldn't answer my question!

I went home and tried this one of my other sewing machines and yes it worked like a charm!

So, now, I will try to explain this idea to you. Make sure you do that if you are having machine problems (e.g., missing stitches or one of the common problems).

First, you remove your bobbin through your sewing machine. Try to take all the parts out - there ought to be two individual pieces. Folks who wants remember how you took them out, take heart, they solely fit in one way!

Next, please take a soft brush and brush all the dust and loose threads away from there. You'll be surprised at how much that small area can take!

Put both pieces during machine and prior to trying your machine on a scrap piece of fabric, oil this same machine.

After you could have oiled all the necessary parts, just run your needle around a few times by hand utilizing the turn wheel. This distributes the oil properly. I used cooking oil. They familiar with recommend 3 in 1 oil, however i found that oil becomes sticky after time, thus i switched to oil.

Now, putting a scrap item of material onto the machine, try your machine to find out if it works better (properly?)

If it does not work better after slipping the clutch, you could have tension problems. In case you have tons of patience, you may adjust your tension yourself, however i find this extremely frustrating and in most cases just take the machine with a qualified technician.

These are tried and proven tactics we have experienced over the years. Believe me, they saved me a great deal of frustration and I hope they generally do so for you likewise.

My new computerized machine is a breeze, but can be extremely frustrating if it decides it really wants to be serviced and I'm in the middle of creating stylish clothing.

I do not know to fix the new computerized models because of the fact that the tension is adjusted automatically each time you insert material beneath the needle. So, I am a sucker, and I go on it a qualified home machine technician.

They know me already and in most cases have it repaired within a week's time. They must view the frustrations!

Even with a computerized kind of home sewing machines, it remains important to dust the bobbin container if you'd like trouble-free home sewing.

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Honest, I've been there!