Home Sewing Machine Repair

12/04/2011 16:30

As sewing turns into a more popular as more and more persons are deciding to make their make clothes and fabrics the requirement of knowledgeable sewing machine repair people keeps growing. A sewing machine is a heavy duty appliance that will run for decades without any problems, however eventually small troubles are likely to occur.

Calling inside a professional repair person are often very expensive, especially when lots of the problems are trivial and straightforward to rectify yourself with a bit of knowledge. It's always good to acquire some knowledge about any machine you are using on a daily basis; all machines could eventually begin to malfunction.

It actually is good sense to arm yourself with a little knowledge. And a little bit knowledge is usually enough a machine running as most of the problems that usually 0ccur are quite obvious too put right. Calling a repair person in for every minor issue might be expensive.

Sewing machine repair seriously isn't difficult, you'll can certainly learn the basics that is usually enough a machine running. If your machine develops a severe problem then it will need to be sent away to the designers, even a professional repair people are only able to goes so far before weather resistant resort too there manufacturers.

It's usually simple things which stop your machine from working correctly. Not keeping your machine clean by way of example can prevent it from functional. Just vacuuming your machine on a regular basis we'll maintain it to remain functioning properly.

Make sure that all moving parts are lubricated according to the manufacturer's instructions. Your machine manual should inform you all the points which need lubricating and how to do some basic maintenance. Should you use your machine on a regular basis however, I might urge you to learn no less than the basics of sewing machine repair. It will save you take advantage the long run. Personally I dislike being dependant on anyone, especially repair people.

There's plenty of sewing machine manuals offered to familiarize yourself with how a sewing machine works. And don't be afraid of it, it's really not that difficult as soon as you decide to take the time to discover the basics. Getting hold of sewing machine parts is also quite a bit less difficult as most people think.

I've discovered that the support departments f several different sewing machine manufacturers like Singer, Janome, Brother and also the rest are really very helpful if you need to reorder any sewing machine parts.

Here's a few basic sewing machine repair tips:

Tools it's likely you'll need:


Sewing Machine Oil Replacement Drive Belt (Have one of these handy. Nothing at all is worse than the belt going and achieving to wait for another want you to arrive before you can continue) Sewing Machine Oil which is appropriate for your machine. It is advisable to keep moving parts lubricated or they may slow down. Vacuum with Crevice Attachment. Nice hand vac is made for this. Bits of cloth are likely to get stuck in the machine. White Lithium Grease (Grease is really as essential as oil) Tweezers. Get yourself a full set of different kinds to get into all the small places) Small Screwdrivers.

Simple Neat and Oil Job

This is basic maintenance along with ignore it. Doing the essential things will have a tremendous effect on the efficiency within your machine. Many people ignore basic maintenance and turn out paying huge bills because ignoring basic principles can lead to bigger problems in the long term.

Cleaning and oiling the machine

Take off of the covers from the top, bottom and hand wheel having a screw driver. Put the covers safely to 1 side with the screws.

Remove thread bobbin plate, it is usually screwed on or locked in place by a clip. Now get the vac nozzle in it and give it a great clean out. Use your tweezers to seize hold of any thread that is certainly stuck around any moving parts.

Clean teeth of the gears. Scrape off any dirt or old grease and make use of the vac to suck against eachother. Once it is nice and clean put new grease around the gears and lubricates other moving parts with all the oil. Put it all back together and plug it in. This shouldn't get you long but it are going to have a beneficial effect on your machine. Should you this on a regular basis you must never experience any major problems.

Maintaining the Belt

The belt drives the gears around the machine and is just about the most important sewing machine parts. When it starts to become slack then this machine will not perform properly and you will have problems. So keeping it in good working order is important. Fortunately it's not not easy to do.

Remove the covers above the belt and inspect the machine belt for tightness. Should it be too slack increasing the tension is an easy job. It is done by moving the motor with all the belt on it off the hand wheel to increase the tension. You simply unscrew the motor until it truly is moving and move it further away from the hand wheel. Then, if the tension is correct, tighten the motor.

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Replacing the belt is just a matter of taking the old belt off and placing a new one on. Replacing a sewing machine belt is a pretty simple task you can use in a matter of minutes. It simply doesn't make sense to call someone in the market to do it for you. Why waste your hard earned dollars when a little effort in establishing some sewing machine repair knowledge will arm you with all the skills to do it yourself.