How Marine GPS and Sonar Can Transform your Fishing Expedition

12/02/2011 13:53

Whether you are a sports fishing enthusiast or do commercial fishing, marine GPS and sonar systems can be quite a great tool to make your fishing expedition around the open sea or inland lakes an increasingly successful an safer experience.

Not only does GPS assist you to chart the way in the open waters, but it can also offer a slew of other practical capabilities that may come in handy every step of the way which enable it to even provide a life saving service whenever you need to use it to convey your precise location in the instance of an emergency.

Marine GPS equipment in addition evolved at a real rapid pace during the last decade that most units nowadays are quite rugged, compact yet powerful navigation systems that combine simplicity with advanced chartplotting and Digital fishfinder technology. Most newer chart technology also provides detailed charts with tides, currents, shaded depth contours, navigation aids, and spot soundings. These records can come in very handy, in particular when your fishing expedition walks you into unfamiliar territory.

Sonar systems have also evolved into very sophisticated, feature packed systems that supply state of the art high definition fish imaging with your precision that can even differentiate between baitfish and real fish.

Newer model are digitally adaptive with infinite receiver bandwidth settings and digital filters, allowing the sounder to constantly adjust transmitter and receiver parameters to intelligently analyze fish target, bottom echoes, and automatically build a crystal clear picture that can not be matched by traditional analog transmitters.

If night fishing is on the schedule, newer sonar systems also provides features that include night mode technology support with backlit keypads, autogain for better target visibility, round flasher display mode with 2x and 4x zooms, water temp log, and alarms that are included with fish and water depth.

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All the current advances in Marine GPS and Sonar technology can make your next fishing expedition most sought after and a much more pleasurable experience.