How to Buy Portable GPS Car Navigation Systems

12/02/2011 11:51

I was researching for the portable gps car navigation system the opposite week because my job requires me going a lot in different cities.

It was only practical for me to get a portable system that we could carry around with me.

While most portable this stuff have basic functions for example voice narrations to help direct you where to go, it's worth the time to figure out exactly what more features you may need.

For example, there are numerous models which will show you which lane to stay so you can make turns in high traffic streets more easily. This could come in handy when you are traveling in a congested city for example Chicago.

When considering the features that you might want in your portable gps navigation system, it's important to consider if you'll actually be needing which feature or if it's just one more bonus.

Here are some things to contemplate:

Size of the GPS Unit

You will find pocket sized units which can be very portable but have small screen sizes. If you prefer a larger screen the units might be less portable so make sure to consider how you'll use your unit.

Price of GPS Unit

Cost is usually at the top of everyone's minds when it comes to technology purchases. Like anything, you get everything you pay for. Skimp for a low priced unit and you could just end up with something functions half the time.

My brother-in-law spent $175 for a no-name brand GPS unit and after with it to help him move across the land, it took an unchangeable vacation.

You should also consider many of these other major features:

Street name announcement -

Does the voice narration announce the the street or manages to do it just say next street?

Time to destination -

Will it calculate the time it will take you to arrive at your destination? This feature is invaluable when you'd like to know the closest destination outside of several choices.

Automatic rerouting -

If you make an inappropriate turn, does your navigation system reroute you?

You'll find a lot of choices when purchasing a conveyable gps car navigation system. My suggestion will be to figure out what options you desire, then find the units which may have those features and view the units out physically in your local electronics store.

You are able to go online to find the best deals for your unit. Sometimes, I find the best deals online after viewing the units inside a store.

As with most technology, you will find that in a few years you will have more GPS units to comprehend features for less expensive costs.

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I'm very excited to discover this technology develop.