How To Buy Your First Sewing Machine

12/04/2011 17:54

There are many brands of machines out there and everyone boasts cool features. Some machines appeal to quilters, others want you to embroider everything like the toilet seat and the shower curtain. Trying to find the right machine can take some time.

Shopping for a new machine tends to make your head spin. The girls on my boards discuss which machine is better every time someone wants a new one. We all know the big brands but I am not gonna suggest one, that decision is yours. It is just a personal one plus an important one. Let me, however give you a few basic questions you should ask yourself.

1. What sort of sewing do you plan to accomplish?

- clothing

- crafts

- repairs and alterations

- home decorating

2. Are you going to you sew?

- sewing room

- kitchen table

- utilized in other family living area

3. How will your machine be stored?

- in the own cabinet

- in a closet hiding behind the coats

- get forced out out to sew every spare moment

4. Consider your financial budget and buying habits? The span of time will you keep this machine?

- 6 months

- a handful of years

- forever and a day

When you answer these questions, you are well on your way to making the correct decision. Obviously if you're planning to sew from the family table, you don't want a machine with no shortage of accessories or add-ons that may take up too much room. If what you are doing repairs and alterations, you do not need a machine that duplicates the quilting stitch. When you've got small children around, your machine needs to be tucked away safely. Only a couple of things to think about.

Research is definitely the name of the game here. Look at latest consumer reports. Visit the forum discussions on and then determine what the girls are utilising. They will gladly explain what works and what doesn't. Another source is definitely the well known sewing magazines. Sew News and Threads do comparison studies at all times.

If you are lucky enough to have local dealers, reimburse them all a visit. Test drive all their machines and enquire lots and lots of questions. Take fabric with you that you use and check out things like stitch length, reverse as well as some of the different presser feet. Understand lessons. Lots of dealers provides you with a few free lessons to give you acquainted with your machine. Most importantly, take your time. I cannot stress this enough. Don't allow anyone rush you thru the process. Leave the kids in your own home so you have no distractions. When you're in the shop asking questions, you can see how the staff depend on customers and if they may have the answers to all your questions. Should they seem impatient or brusque, imagine how they might be after the sale. If it is not helpful now within the prospect of a sale, they probably won't be later when you need help.

On the other hand, a substantial sales pitch can also steer you inside the wrong direction. Spending money on a top of the line model does not imply you are getting the machine you will end up happiest with. You have to resist the urge for the impulse buy. Go home and talk to somebody that sews. Find out their experiences and focus on what they have to say. Again, take some time with this decision.

If you've visited all the dealers, and test driven their machines visit them again. Visit again when you are rested and can make a clear decision. Return back and take a second evaluate those machines. You are looking at them with new eyes now. Maybe there are a few things you never noticed the very first time that stand out now. Why don't you consider that foot pedal, could it be comfortable? Do you want the even feed feature? Does the equipment run smoothly and quietly? Is there more programmes than you can ever use? If you do, make a mental note and you will scale down your possible choices. This second visit will advise you more than you expect.

Ask concerning the warranty that comes with each machine. Be sure to know who is in charge of standing behind it, your dealer or the manufacturer. Are repairs made locally or might you have to pack everything up and send it away.

Be certain you understand what is included with the sewing machine. Which feet, the number of bobbins and what about a manual. The manual is very important. You will refer to the manual again and again so it should be an excellent reference guide to each of the accessories and stitch designs along with any other functions. The manual needs to be full of pictures and diagrams to the basic sewing as well as clear directions. If the manual isn't helpful, if you'd like to go searching out the answers every time you have a problem. I wish I had a penny for every time someone has emailed me by using a problem that their manual doesn't answer.

Be sure you will get your sales agreement in writing and keep your copy inside of a safe place. Nothing less will work.

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The bottom line is you must do some work prior to deciding to ever sew your first stitch. If you make your time and effort and educate yourself, the rewards of any great sewing machine are yours.