How To Choose The Proper Car Seat For Your Baby

11/24/2011 10:07


Car Seats

When you have a baby you need to make sure that your baby is safe wherever you are, and the car is no exception. You need to make sure you have the proper car seat for your child, and that it is installed properly. This is very important to ensure your child's safety in case of an accident.

When you leave the hospital they will make sure you have a car seat for your child, and may even check to make sure it is properly installed in the car. Some hospitals are even giving car seats to parents to ensure the child's safety. If you decide to get your own car seat instead of the one provided you have a variety to choose from.

Infant Car Seat

The newest style of infant seat has a base that is buckled in the car and stays there. The carrier itself snaps in and out of the base in the car. This makes it easy to get the child in and out of the car without having to mess with a seatbelt every time. With this type of car seat you can leave the baby in the carrier and take the whole carrier into the store or house with you. This is especially helpful with newborns. As the child gets older you may choose to take the child out of the carrier and leave the carrier in the car.

Convertible Car Seat

Next you will need a convertible car seat. This car seat is used once the baby is one year old and meets the height and weight requirements. Convertible car seats may be placed in a forward or backward facing position. The seat will need to be facing backward if your child outgrows his infant seat, but is not yet old enough to sit facing forward.

When choosing a convertible car seat you have many options. First you can choose if it has the five point harness, or if it has and over the head latch. You can also choose the color and it may even come with a cup holder. No matter which type of convertible car seat you choose, it can be used until your child weighs 40 pounds.

Booster Seat After a convertible car seat you will need a booster seat. The booster seat can be used until your child weighs 80 pounds. There are different types of booster seats. The first type is a small base that the child sits in, which allows them to use a regular seatbelt. The other kind may be a convertible seat that is also a booster seat. When the child outgrows the convertible seat, you take the straps off and use the regular seat belt instead. The child is still seated in the actual car seat, just with different straps.

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Just remember that no matter what type of car seat you use it is for your child's safety. The child always needs to be seated in the back seat until they are 12 due to the air bags. Make sure you take the time to buckle the seat and your child in properly to insure they are safe.