How to Diagnose and Replace a Defective Storage Battery inside of a 2005 VW Beetle TDI

12/03/2011 14:37

Repair Steps

1. Put the gear shift lever in Park or First gear.

2. Place wheel chocks behind the back wheels of vehicle.

3.  Pull the hood hand lever inside cabin compartment of the vehicle.

4. Pull the surface hood cable and raise the engine hood.

5. Place a memory keeper (device used to retain computer settings) inside accessory socket inside cabin compartment.

6.  Press the tab with top battery cover and take away.

7. Press the tab for the fuse box cover and lift the coverage up so that fuses are accessable.

8. Employing a 1/4-inch square drive 10mm socket along with a 1/4-inch square drive ratchet, eliminate the POSITIVE cable (red) to the fuse box.

9. Employing a 1/4-inch square drive 10mm socket along with a 1/4-inch square drive ratchet, eliminate the clamp that secures the NEGATIVE cable to the NEGATIVE post.

10.  Using above hand tools, remove clamp attached with POSITIVE cable to POSITIVE  post.

11. Detach the clamp for the battery cover. Employing a flat-blade screwdriver, disengage the tabs that secure the coverage to the tray.

12.  Remove the cover as well as set aside.

13. Using a 3/8-inch square drive 13mm socket and 3/8-inch ratchet and 3/8-inch square drive 18-inch extension, remove battery hold-down bolt and bracket.

14. Using a strap, remove from vehicle and place on work bench for testing.

15. Before testing,, the electrolyte level in all cells (6) are checked.

16.  Eliminate the filler caps from other cells.

17. Place a hydrometer (available at auto parts stores) in one (1) or the six (6) cells.

18. The reading for the scale of the hydrometer should approximately be 1. 270. This reading indicates a full charge. A lower reading  indicates charging before testing.

19. Fill cells that are low with a liquid filler, using only distilled water.

20. Place charger on work bench and position cables.

21. Put the red cable to the POSITIVE post.

22. Place the charger black cable to the NEGATIVE post .

23. Set the selector switch set  to the 2-amp setting,

24. Charge the battery for seventy-two (72) hours. to bring it with a full charge.

25.Employing a digital multi-meter (DMM) (available at auto parts stores) set the selector switch to the VOLTS setting.

26. Put the red test of the DMM into the red jack

27. Put the black test lead of the DMM to the COM jack.

28. Put the other end of the red test result in the the POSITIVE post .

29. Put the other end of the black test lead of the the NEGATIVE post.

30. The reading for the display of the DMM should include 12. 50 to 12.75 volts.

31. This reading would indicate a full charge..

32, This test is known as the open circuit test (OCV) for indicates that it is has been fully charged.

33. It can only be checked for capacity and strength having a load tester.

34. Lots tester evaluates the chance to operate the vehicle starter motor, accessories, and keep that load for Just a few seconds with the voltage not going below 9. 6 VOLTS.

35.  A cell incapable of holding this voltage load is defective.

36. The strain test showed it had been defective.

37. Before installing an alternative , the specifications and dimensions work better same as the original being replaced; namely, amperage rating, and cold cranking rating.

38. Clean the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE posts..

39. Clean the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE  cables with a wire brush before installing the replacement .

40. Stubborn corrosion and dirt should be cleaned with baking soda and water.

41. Put the replacement in the vehicle battery tray.

42. Install the hold-down bolt and bracket, cover, fuse box bolt, and top cover inside reverse order from where they were removed.

43. Remove the memory keeper from the accessory socket.

44. Eliminate the chocks from rear wheels.

45. Test drive the Beetle for proper operation.

Project Tips

* A memory keeper is usually an electronic device that is powered with a nine (9) volt battery. If it's placed in the accessory socket, in the cabin compartment, the settings inside ROM memory of the computer are not lost. Without the aid of the memory keeper, your vehicle would have to be driven several miles for that computer to re-learn the programmed settings.

* Searching for multi-meter (DMM) is an electronic test instrument employed by technicians' and do-it-yourselfers to be able to electrical faults on the vehicle.

* To prevent sulphation, a battery maintainer should be used to make it charged when a vehicle is left out-of-service or when  in storage.


When working around a storage battery, safety glasses should be worn to protect the eyes from gasses and elecrolyte.

Tools and Equipment

Flat-blade screwdriver

Battery maintainer

Battery charger

Memory keeper

Wheel chocks

3/8-inch square drive 5mm hex-bit socket

3/8-inch square drive ratchet

1/4-inch square drive 10mm socket

1/4-inch square drive ratchet

3/8-inch square drive 18-inch extension

Digital multi-meter (DMM)


Battery load tester

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