How to Lift Your Mood Instantly

12/05/2011 01:03

In "Awaken the Giant Within" Anthony Robbins asks the examples below question: "Do you have a group of specific and empowering tips on how to make yourself feel good at a moment's notice?" He demonstrates that everyone should sit down and make a list of things they're able to do to change the way they feel when they're in the bad mood.

He adds that to interrupt out instantly from your limiting state and right into a resourceful one, he exercises with music playing loudly, he sings along with his favorite CDs, he watches a stand-up comedy routine on DVD, he reads his journal and vividly remembers a great experience he's had recently, and he finds something instructional and informative you just read that he can immediately apply at his life, amongst other things.

Here are some of the things you range from in your list of empowering tips on how to alter your mood:


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Fill your list with activities which you enjoy and constantly keep adding things to the list. Your list will empower one to take control of your mood by offering you a way to raise the spirits at a moment's notice.