How to Make a Guy Enjoy His Time Along with you! He Will Want to Be Around You More After This Point

12/05/2011 01:35

Guys need to be around women who understand how to have fun and that have a good sense of adventure. And why shouldn't they? These women are the type of who give life to some relationship and make dull moments instantly turn cheerful.


The special dinner.

Men love eating. This is pretty much evident when someone invented the famous quotation - the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Invite him to some special dinner the spot that the food that is going to be served was cooked by you. He'll have actually a great time knowing the preparations you had to go through.

Keep it light yet romantic.

Never lose the romantic ambience. Possibly you have the best jokes prepared but this can only make him laugh when asleep. You would be missing out on the romantic facet of your relationship if you do not come up with a romantic setting.

Bring from the beverage.

Store some of his favorite beverage with your fridge. And when he comes over, impress him through providing him a bottle of his favorite cola to complement his food.

Watch his favorite sporting event together.

If you've detested the reality that he can't be disturbed in a game of basketball, then you will want to join him and pay attention to why he's going crazy over this sport? You might come to love many of the dribbling and shooting and this is something that you could now watch as a couple from this day forward.

Don't complain once you do some outdoor activities.

So what happens if you broke a nail during one of the hiking expeditions? In lieu of focusing on your nail, why not try to enjoy the sights with him? start to see the beauty of God's creations, relish the fresh air, wade from the cool water! He'll surely enjoy your business if you complained less.

Watch many comedy flicks.

Laughing together could make him relax close to you. Let Charlie Chaplin, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, many other comedians entertain you. And, not surprisingly, a movie date isn't complete without some popcorn and soda!

A walk within the park or from the beach.

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If you have to pay a visit to these places, be certain that you'd go with him. Remember that the experience will be more enriching and enjoyable if you enjoy the trip with someone that you cherish. He, too, will realize this and he'll grow to love you more.