Hypnotism Has Event Planners Laughing

12/05/2011 01:24

Hypnotism is usually an event planners dream come true and the funny side of hypnotism has corporate audiences laughing. If you are an event organizer of any sort and you're looking for a production that is guaranteed to get a positive and talk-about it response, then the comedy hypnotism show could possibly be just for you.

Stage hypnosis shows have not been as known as they are today. Why?

Because a hypnotism show offers:


Hilarious comedy which every group and clique will love tremendously Hypnotism allows for complete audience participation Shows are very easy to put on: a stage, a platform, a hall... virtually anywhere that the rest of the audience could see, a hypnotism show works well. (Hypnotist Blair Robertson appeared within an airplane hangar for a party once)

It is a myth that hypnosis is dangerous. Nobody can have you ever gotten "stuck" in a trance, as no such case has lots of people recorded in wellness background. When practiced by an ethical certified hypnotist, the shows are completely safe. However, not all stage hypnotists perform safe shows. Beware!

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An ethical stage hypnotist will likely not degrade volunteers by asking them personal questions, will likely not ask them to perform rude or lewd acts, nor are they going to ask them to do dangerous stunts. Shows need not be degrading in any way to be funny. A good performer will establish a fun environment and comedy without doing anything to embarrass or humiliate the volunteers. A great performer will not only respect his volunteers, but will also respect the art of hypnosis.