Instant Real Estate Leads In A Bottle - Just Add Water

12/05/2011 01:04

I truly believe that it is comical when I hear about people using Supplements and complain or calling consumer reports nevertheless the product is a scam and it also does not work. It seems that they can't understand how when they took several minutes to pry open the container, get the cotton out, then franticly digest the item that they were not instantaneously changed to body supreme. I actually don't mean to get callous or crass, but seriously...this manifests itself in a range of areas of our lives. It's the simple (and silly) belief we can actually get amazing results without putting out any effort rather than taking a pill or making "that" call get the idea. Everyone has been guilty of it somewhat at some point in our lives.


I see this scenario all the time with salespeople working real estate leads. Where's your time? How many times do we have got to see it before we acknowledge it for it is?

On just about every Supplement on the market there is a clear statement, worded differently, but with the universal message: For the very best results combine this Supplement with an intense workout and nutritional program. Further complaints manage to arise when the individual does 5 pushups and eats a bagel rather than a donut figuring that should be good enough. this point either denial begins and the product is dismissed as another 'scam,' or sound judgment takes over and the individual realizes he/she may need to work harder for the desired results.

Hmmm.....Perhaps if I get real estate leads I probably should call them to see what I can do for them.

When I put leads inside of a 'bottle' (pipeline) for real estate professionals, the rear of the bottle clearly states: For the very best results please combine this lead with an immediate phone call and also a very aggressive followup system. I would not expect any effort I didnt put forth myself for a real estate professional. That's earn money did it. That's how every savvy real estate professional does it.

The comedy/tragedy ensues as the agents receiving leads immediately complain in regards to the lead because they made two tries to contact with no reply, one via email and another leaving a message upon an old answering machine the spot that the recording sounded much like the teacher from the 'Peanuts' cartoon. Now these real estate professionals are immediately beside themselves, fuming that the leads are bogus. They immediately would like to stop the money starting that lead generation source may it be internet, Sunday Paper, Open Houses or whatever as they feel it is not working.

These are classified as the agents who drive with a house 4 months later...a house with a For Sale register the front yard...the particular house they determined would be a 'bogus lead' after only 2 email attempts. They won't believe their eyes since they try and rummage through month old notes to clarify that, indeed, was the same house.

Now see how quickly linked with emotions . believe that lead generation tool again.

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Leads are endless, exactly like dietary supplements and, love dietary supplements, they're not a substitute for effort and your 'body' of leads have to be nurtured to receive the highest 'nutritional' value. You just have to be inclined to put in the effort to offer the best results.