Journey Across The Cow Pasture

12/05/2011 01:38

In it's simplest form, what is life?


Life is a chunk of your energy between when we are born so when we die. Everyone i always know goes through it. Most people don't consciously learn how long this whole process will last.

However, when we look at the smaller bits of it, we know which every moment is gone almost whenever it is begun, and that we can't relive a second. How then, can we pack each moment rich in wondrous experiences to make sure that when we mount our white stallion and ride out into the sunset for that last time, we can look back on life and say, "Boy howdy, which was one hell on the ride!"?

I'm a farm boy. As i ponder deep that, I find myself wanting to nature for metaphors and guidance. I can't mean an in-depth scholarly study from the harmonious pulse of our own seasons and the interdependent interactions between your various flora and fauna in the microcosm. That's beyond me.

I see life like it were incredibly easier, like a walk throughout the cow pasture from one place to another. I look for tips on how to make the journey challenging, satisfying and fun.

Here certainly are a couple approaches to life. Which works for you?

Common thinking: Goal-setting brings about success

A highly prescribed common practice is always to set goals - personal and business goals. These goals are specific, measurable, and tangible achievements or acquisitions attained within a pre-determined period of time. We are inspired to set big goals, requiring us to stretch the envelope of our own abilities. We set these whopper-goals and convince ourselves that people are going to be really happy after we get there.

My experience with this technique is that it is similar to putting a set of blinders onto our head. There are only the goal of getting to the top of the high hill on the far side from the cow pasture. Our collection of sight is focussed, and locked-on to that particular lofty spot, but unfortunately, because of the blinders, we don't see the beautiful wildflowers and the spectacular take a look at the river to the left of us, our families and friends who are playing games to the right among us, the muck-filled holes, prickly brambles and briers, angry bulls, and fresh cow pies directly looking at us. You may have guessed - s......(rhymes along with it) happens!

We spend our time struggling, fighting, and sacrificing to succeed in our goal in record breaking speed. We are scratched, bruised, and torn, covered with pungent digested grass from nose to toes. We look back to see a incredibly easier path, lined with normal folks who were there to help us. And that we think, "Why didn't someone inform me there was a better way?", "Who's fault are these claims?" We feel a tad disheartened, disappointed, as well as even angry. "This became a stupid goal. You need to have more."

We look into the distance and then determine a higher, bigger hill further off in the distance, with more trees, more sunshine, more view, plus a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We are saying to ourselves, "Boy, can i be happy when I arrive there." We lock our sights onto that far distant hill and off we go again, because of ourselves. We keep achieving our goals, like a success, but are we happy?

Uncommon thinking: Meandering-with-purpose

I'd rather look at this life trip as meandering from the pasture with purpose. Your journey is about creating worthwhile and valuable experiences to live in and others. It is about creating happiness in every step on the way to the aim.

I agree that goals at some point are important. We need direction. Furthermore, i know that the process as you go along is what gives life zest and gitty-up-and-go.

When we consciously go ahead and take blinders off and look around us, life can become much broader, rewarding, and exhilarating. We invest the perfect time to smell the flowers, relax and savour the sunset, build healthy loving relationships, and nurture a lost puppy.

We parents along the way and discover that when we choose to work together with others, far better outcomes are usually in store for all. We discover how to build bridges above the muck holes, and fences that may guide and aid others who follow in our footsteps. We develop trusting relationships while using the bulls so they don't sense that they are threatened by our presence. We walk briskly, but carefully to prevent getting stuck in the B.S. We use the B.S. in making fertilizer, rather than to complain which our life stinks. We take ownership for our choices and our outcomes. We celebrate our successes and search for the lessons in your mistakes.

We eventually arrive at our destination, feeling satisfied, proud, and elated. Yahoo!

The life challenge (if you accept):


Set goals that happen to be congruent with the moment-to-moment experiences you would like to create in your life. The daily process is simply important as the goal at some point. Be flexible and adaptable. Things change. Be ready to adjust your course so that the process challenging and enjoyable. Things may switch to the point where your initial goal will not be inspiring to you. Re-set the idea of another that fills your heart with passion. Focus on relationships. The relationships with self and others are the reason plus the means to achieving the goal. Effective relationships tie together meaningful life and successful life - they can be about creating balance. Be accountable. Take ownership for all of your outcomes - the ones you like and the ones you won't. Consciously or unconsciously, you have made choices that have place you exactly where you are. Attest without blame. Avoid your personal B.S. Celebrate successes. Recognize yourself for your abilities, passions, and accomplishments - small and big. Recognize others with regards to contributions, guidance, and support. Learn from mistakes. Failure is usually an event, not a person. Within every failure could be the seed for a greater success. Even when it seems difficult or uncomfortable, try to find the lessons. Have fun! Life is really a game and games are made to be fun.

Life. The moments come plus the moments go. Each moment is usually an opportunity to choose "new" lightness, love, and laughter or to drag forward "old" hurts, heartache, and dis-ease. When you look at it this way, it feels like a simple choice.

In living, I have tainted weight loss program my moments with stale memories of the past, struggling for material goals, neglecting my relationships, and blaming others. I can't choose to do that anymore.

What about yourself?

I double-dog dare you to accept my challenge. Stand tall, be proud, and venture forth on the journey across the cow pasture of life. Keep one eye on the prize and the other consciously tuned in to your relationships and surroundings. Fill each fleeting moment with proceeding, exceeding, and succeeding.

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