Laughter For the Soul - Strategies for Getting More Laughter Into Your Day

12/05/2011 01:49

There are some very clear psychological and mental benefits to laughter. When you start to sing and let out a genuine hoot of laughter, you instantly lighten your mood and that of everyone around you. Happiness spreads from a single wide-open mouth to another similar to a stomach virus hungry for first time breeding ground. Yet, instead of infecting one body after another with flu-like symptoms, laughter infects everyone that has a sense of joy and lighter spirits.

Have you ever been in a very intense situation where everyone around you was obviously feeling uptight, nervous, or scared? Perhaps you have seen a situation that way be turned into a wholly different situation by simply something funny that breaks the atmosphere? If so, then you have firsthand connection with the power laughter has over our mental processes.

Besides lifting your mood instantaneously, laughter actually creates physical changes in the human body that promote happiness and joy. Endorphins are freed when you let out a large laugh and they deliver the same effects as prescription drugs that are used to treat anxiety and depression. This may also relax the muscles in several areas of the body which leads to less tension in the body. It can even increase your immune system so you withdraw less often when it is enjoyed with a continuous basis!

The tips below are designed to help you get more laughter into the day. Use them to be a springboard to your own creative laughter-inspiring ideas and seek to laugh a little on a daily basis.

The Forced Smile

Have you ever heard when you just make yourself smile you can not help but feel a little happier? It is completely true! Whenever you are feeling the tears well up within your eyes, the frustration or anger overtake your body, or the stress start to overwhelm you, try looking in the mirror and smile at yourself for around a full minute. Watch yourself smile and check out difference it makes in your mood.

If you feel the desire to laugh at yourself in the mirror, by all means, get it done!

Picking on Friends

People who laugh the most on a daily basis tend to be those who are natural comedians. They pick on their friends and colleagues in a playful manner, play childish pranks on others, and locate many different ways to put a grin on everyone's face. One fashion to get some laughter into the own world is always to play the same part. Find strategies to pick on your friends in a loving manner and let their smiles of delight transfer into laughter for anyone.

The Funny News

Another way to get more laughter to you is to seek out parodies of current news clips online or watch short, funny sitcom shows on the telly. You probably already read something and watch TV nearly every day, filter systems make it something that brings a grin to your face and takes the stress monkey off your back?

Go on the internet and you will find tons of websites that seek to put a smile in your face.

Jokes Aren't Only for Kids

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Finally, go to the local library to check out books of jokes. Go to the bookstore and find adult-themed joke books which reveal jokes you need to use with your loved one during sexual intercourse...after all, laughter does bring a couple closer!