Making Your Way Through the Sewing Machine Jungle - Which Features Do You Really Want?

12/04/2011 17:49

When you enter the sewing machine section of a retail store, it may feel like you've stepped inside a jungle. Surrounded by machines that tout features like ergonomic controls or 150 different stitches, you could wonder when sewing became so complicated. To help clear up some of the confusion, let's consider a few of the features and find out what they really do.

Adjustable Presser Foot

This is the piece of metal to hold fabric in place because the needle stitches through. In old machines there are only two options, along but today many machines enable the pressure foot being adjusted based on the sort of fabric you are sewing from denim to chiffon.

Automatic Buttonholder

When sewing an outfit that has buttons, you'll need a way to make neat and secure button holes sufficient enough to slide the button through. Most machines have some form of buttonholing ability, however are not all equally as easy to use. Automatic buttonholders use a computerized program to develop a perfect custom sized button hole when. One-step buttonholers have a dial on the side of the machine and a place for the button within the buttonholer attachment, where the sewer manual adjusts how big the hole, and then the machine will sew it. One more and most difficult to easily use in the four-step buttonhole process which, because the name suggests, requires readjustments for each phase of the buttonhole creation.

Bobbin-Thread Lift

In the past, in order to bring thread at a front loading bobbin up in the metal face plate so as to sew, you had to stay your fingers in the presser foot and push the thread through. Bobbin-Thread Lifts brings the thread to your surface making the process easier.

Ergonomic Controls

This relates to straightforwardness of running the new sewing machine and the intuitiveness of the controls. Some machines can accommodate either a foot pedal or simply a knee pressure bar. The better to read and use the display that controls final results, direction and stitches the less often you'll have to look up through your sewing project.

Free Arm

When stitching small areas for instance armholes, pant legs or even small doll clothing, a consistent flat bed may be too wide. A unit with Free Arm capabilities allows a part of the flat bed being removed creating a narrower sewing surface.

Manual vs Computerized

Manual machines are apt to have fewer stitches causing all of their components are controlled physically. Computerized machines have numbered controls, and recommendation for recommended stitches, pressure foot tension, and data like when your bobbin is to get low on thread. Stitches may be saved to memory and might often stitch patterns and letters them selves. Needless to say Manual Machines tend to be the less expensive of the two.

Needle Down

When sewing a corner, it's easiest in the event the needle is still down in the fabric, but in the past it was necessary to time the stitch ideal, or lower it straight into place with the wheel. This feature means that you can automatically choose the position from the needle quickly and easily.

Needle Threader

A handy feature for people whose eyesight isn't exactly what it used to be. This gadget is positioned behind the needle plus it pulls the in the needle eye within a simple movement.

Tension Adjustment

Sewing machines have always needed to be able to adjust thread tension depending on the type of thread used and the sewing project, but it surely was often a difficult process and relied heavily on trial and error to get it just right. New machines assist you to easily and quickly adjust for virtually every tension necessary.

Top Loading Bobbin

Traditional sewing machines kept the bobbin inside a metal compartment at the front of the sewing machine. These folks were difficult to load and sometimes had to be untangled. Top Loading Bobbins enable you to drop the bobbin into place and go. Some models have clear covers that allow you to keep an eye on how much bobbin thread remains.

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Finding the correct sewing machine doesn't have to be difficult. Discover a store with knowledgeable employees then ask as many questions as you like. Choosing the right machine for yourself will pay off in years of hassle free sewing.