Marriage A La Mode

12/05/2011 01:12

To create his greatest comedy, Dryden intertwines two story lines in Marriage a-la Mode. The romance between Palmyra and Leonidas is rather serious and the other characters relations are crucial for comic purposes. Melantha is one of the characters that become an instantaneous spectacle to the reader. Comedy comes from in one of two ways: through the language and rhetoric inside text, or on the character itself. There are characters that will often be funny to the reader. Melantha fits the classic role from the coxcomb. This text well known during the renaissance period for being one of the best comedies so it is clear that Dryden is well averse in achieving each method of creating comedy. In the text it becomes clear that Melantha is truly a coxcomb. Melantha should not be defined as a "woman of sense".

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A "woman of sense" is a woman whose actions align utilizing their intentions. Melantha is far more flustered than deliberate this is why she is an excellent "woman of "sense". The conversations she had reinforced the lack of credibility she kept in the eyes of the other characters along with the readers. In a conversation from your "woman of sense" and her man there'd be appropriately length pause after the suitor stops speaker and her reply. Melantha defied this code constantly. In the play, Melantha's delight with the men Palamede and Rhodophil am intense that it dive bombed any hope of appearing as a "woman of sense". One of Melantha's greatest character flaws is she constantly interrupts the speaker. The passion that Melantha has is clear when she cannot contain her thoughts during conversation. This additional melodrama is extremely effective humor by John Dryden.