Motorcycle Jackets Throughout History

12/02/2011 10:55

All throughout history we have seen those that liked adventure along with the adrenalin rush associated with the times. At the start of the twentieth century motorcycles became a means to experience this. Since then those that love riding, the freedom it gives, the rush along with the adventure it provides have joined the ranks of motorcycle riders. Motorcycles have changed and evolved since those early years. Prior versions take a miracle to have them started so the electric start was invented.

Motorcycle safety and riding gear have evolved over time also. There have been leather motorcycle jackets nearly as long as there are already motorcycles. In World War I the pilots wore leather jackets to live warm while flying, because their cockpits were not heated. This became the beginning of the style of jacket the bomber jacket. These jackets develop the higher band collars, with banded sleeve cuffs and banded waistband.

It was the 1920's as soon as the classic motorcycle jacket came to exist. It was Irving Schott designs that came up with The Perfecto in 1928. It sold for $5.50 on the Harley Davidson store in Nyc. It is said that it was named after Irving Schott's favorite cigar, The Perfecto. In 1953 the movie The Wild One starred Marlon Brando wearing a vintage motorcycle jacket, which concluded in schools around the country banning their students from wearing motorcycle jackets to college. Just two years later James Dean is in a movie sporting precisely the same type of jacket. The classic motorcycle jacket has a wide collar that snaps down, zippered cuffs, plus a belt. This jacket contains the rebel rider look.

Other styles emerged such as the euro and pistol pete. Euro jackets have got a sleek look to them. There's a high banded collar that typically snaps, and zippered pockets that lay flat preparing the sleek look. The pistol pete features a pocket that is the complete of the jacket, that zips open possesses multiple smaller pockets.

There are already women riders as long as there have been men riders. In the early stages there were only a few women that rode. Today 33 % of the riders are women. There are womens motorcycle jackets that come in the styles and fit for female. Women love riding, having their unique motorcycles to ride as opposed to always riding behind someone. Womens jackets can be found in the traditional black biking leather, they also come in brown and pink, in addition to black with stripes in other colors. There are womens motorcycle jackets that accompany fringe, which some might think is there just for looks. True it increases the style, but it also has a function which is to wick the stream away from the jacket when driving the rain.

Kids motorcycle jackets are also popular now. These jackets keep kids safe when they are riding just as they do adults, while also allowing a baby to be just like their dad or mom or favorite adult that rides. The advantage of a motorcycle jacket for the kids is they also you can keep them safe while they are hammering a nail, skate boarding, or roller blading.

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There are lots of styles of motorcycle jackets for the rider to choose from, in addition to many grades of leather and features. Wearing a jacket outside of cowhide or American buffalo and is particularly at least 1.3 mm thick keeps a rider safe from rocks, flying debris, and road rash.