Multiple Personality Disorder - New kindle It, Do You?

12/05/2011 01:39

I recently find about a woman who 'suffered' from Multiple Personality Disorder. This woman had persevered by way of a horrific childhood of physical, sexual, and mental abuse. The content continued to propose that each time this woman was in contact with another threatening situation, her unconscious mind would make a new personality so that you can protect the "real" person. The latest personalities were physiologically the latest person - different blood pressure, breathing rate, brain waves, voice, and overall look. It was an unconscious coping mechanism to hold her safe.

Fascinating theory! I believe that most of us have got a type of Multiple Personality Disorder, although we might not have endured the same traumatic situations.

Reflecting on my life, I have 'suffered' than it and kept myself small, and that i have also excelled because of it - usually unconsciously.

How will it shake out to suit your needs?

What happens to you when someone places a wee baby with your arms? I'm guessing that you take on a personality on the child. You coo-coo, goo-goo, whistle, pop, gurgle, and grin. See your face takes on a new look of lightness, youthfulness, and goofiness. Is this fact a new personality?

Have you been in a conflict along with your partner, spouse, or child, tempers are flaring, words could be flying, and then the phone rings? I'm guessing that you answer the phone that has a cheery, 'Good morning. Oh hi. I'm wonderful and just how about you?' You may instantly take on a good cheery personality.

Or you could naturally be a kind, caring, compassionate person however when you walk through it of your workplace, you become a different person with a tough exterior that you believe is required to deal with the daily business challenges.

If this Multiple Personality Disorder theory holds true, how can we consciously decide on this gift to our own advantage?

Personally, I have two challenges in this regard.

My first challenge should be to consciously choose a new personality every morning when I awaken. I could choose to only pay a personality that is:


kind, caring, and compassionate polite, respectful, and considerate focused, productive, and powerful energetic, spontaneous, and fun

I can empower and energize this new personality to utilize my talents to score well in a bigger, more powerful way by thinking and doing things differently or a lot better than I have done before.

My second challenge should be to have the courage to allow go of the old personalities, complete with their insecurities, limiting beliefs, and fears. These are the basic personalities that I have clung tightly to because they seemed to keep me safe - safe yet not utilizing my potential.

I understand specifically when I allow these old personalities to jump back into my skin. It's when those hurtful words come out of my mouth, whenever i think poorly of a person, when I play the blame-game, or whenever i feel 'Oh, poor me, the globe is doin' it to me again'. In a nutshell, it's whenever i choose to be a victim of my own personal circumstances. It's whenever i forget that I choose exactly how I think, speak, and act in every single moment. It's whenever i forget that I am in command of ALL of my results - every one.

I'm having fun with this new perspective and these new personalities.

Why the heck am I informing you about this? You probably know right now that I always have difficult and a deal to suit your needs.

Here's the deal - I'll present you with two squash along with a zucchini (HELP! They took across the garden) if you accept the task.

Here's the challenge - everyday, for the following 30 days, consciously go with a new personality that inspires anyone to:


empower yourself further work smarter love deeper talk sweeter discover more read faster smile broader laugh often.

What about the old personalities? Which has a breath of forgiveness and kindness, blow them.

You are going to choose personalities anyway, so why wouldn't you make it a conscious choice that is definitely beneficial for you, your loved ones, friends, and community? Ultimately, your decision affects them all!

Hey, do not get your shorts within a knot over it. I'll present you with some slack. Even if you slip some time or two, c'mon out, we'll have got a visit, and I'll provide the dang squash anyway.

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Have fun!