Notable Features of Elna Sewing Machines

12/04/2011 17:11

The better the machine features are the easier the repair would be. Elna Sewing machines introduced various models and created huge revolution from the design of sewing machines for households. I'd like to share my the thing it the wide range of features available in different models.


The initial mechanical model from Elna had features like 7 millimeters of width of the stitch along with a maximum of 3 to 4 millimeters of length of the stitch. The needle is finely adjustable during these mechanical models to keep them in the finest and accurate position for stitching.

The later electronic versions of the machines had many salient features. Electronic model had keys to move the needles to your desired position for stitching, Monitor to exhibit or enter the desired width and length of the stitch we require. There's also various stitches for fancy work were made possible in these models. Convenient places in the top, side and the bottom of the sewing machine for storing tailoring accessories, design book or manuals was one of many comfort feature during these models. One could discover the type of stitch required from your wide range of selections throughout the selection keys. These folks were portable unlike other sewing vendor models. These models came in attractive colors.

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Lot of stitching types and number of stitches was made possible. Easy needle selection, thread selection, thread winding are important comforting features of Elna. Furthermore, it had in build thread cutters and automatic thread locking mechanism. Automatic selection of stitching styles like zigzag or hemming or older lock made users feel. Lesser manual intervention was meant for Elna sewing machines. The covers of the portable sewing machines acted for a sewing stand or even a sewing accessory holder whenever needed.