Other Uses For GPS Besides Navigation

12/02/2011 13:55

Wondering what that expensive bit of technological equipment is perfect for besides "turn left here?" Why don't you consider a lot. There are several variations of GPS (global positioning system unit) today. Most familiar will be the mountable GPS for marine and land navigational use. Don't get stuck up both of these uses as being the primary use for GPS, they once were, but now with the introduction of brand new non-mountable GPS they have taken a back seat towards the new recreational uses.

That's right, GPS's new primary use in general has shifted. Collectively all of the recreational and non-navigational uses have boosted GPS sales to in excess of twice what they once were. Innovations in GPS technology has allowed for newer, smaller, portable handheld GPS, including a GPS chip you can use and put just about anywhere.

They new GPS chip provides for such things as "GPS collars" which have been a hot commodity for owners who are concerned about their pets where-a-bouts. The collars are comparatively cheap for the services they give. Along with the GPS collar the brand new innovative GPS chip have give allowed several parents to become at ease when it comes to their children's where-a-bouts. Small children can give parents the most significant scare of their life should they were to wonder off, while using new GPS technology you shouldn't have to worry. The chip can pin point a child to within 3 meters!

As far as recreational use, the newer, more portable, handheld GPS have offered hobbyists many different new activities to take part in. One of the fastest growing hobbies/sports on the earth is geocaching. This is basically your global wide treasure hunt. By using a handheld GPS you can go online and get clues and waypoints with a hidden treasure in your community. It really has taken the GPS community by storm.

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The second popular recreational use for GPS is hitting the gym. Yeah, that's right hitting the gym! With new wrist mounted GPS units you may track where you are, how far you have gone, how far you have to go, and far, much more. These new wrist mounted GPS units have got working out to a whole new technological level.