PDA GPS - Easy Navigation as part of your Hand

12/02/2011 12:11

There was a time in history each time a map was all that prevented a driver from becoming lost and going around in circles aimlessly. Even so, your directions depended upon how up to date your map was; an obsolete chart could be worse than none in the least. Thankfully (or unthankfully to match how much of a Luddite you're), technology has provided a boon for the would-be lost in the form of a PDA GPS, a hand-held computer that guides the way for even the most novice cartographer on the market.


GPS is a positioning system which uses the signals transmitted from 24 to 32 satellites orbiting the planet earth. The math behind the calculation is complex, however in essence a PDA GPS triangulates any time and location of 4 satellites and calculates the receiver's position on the globe. In the early days, most screens were white and black, but today the majority is full color screens that can show video and photographs. Modern GPS receivers besides show location, but may integrate with other online services to demonstrate the relative locations of sights.

Eventually somebody got the theory to combine the tracking power of any global positioning system with the scheduling power of any personal digital assistant, and today there are various models to choose from. While their capability compared to a desktop (or perhaps laptop) computer is quite a bit diminished, the power they generally do have is good for their task and their computing power is increasing virtually every year.

Choosing a PDA GPS which fits to your needs requires some investigation. Prices start at sub-$100, but increase for better screens, more memory and storage, and further features such as cameras. Nearly all are equipped with a version on the Windows operating system designed for cellular phones and should be compatible with your personal computer. E-mail and web browsing are routine features on these devices and virtually a must for most travelers. Future features probably will include more integration with cellphone and multimedia technology that will let the user shoot photos or video and send it home for use.

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The PDA GPS has come a long way from the times green and black screens. Although it is not nearly as powerful as regular computers, they still pack a punch whilst keeping you both on the right road and so on schedule while you're away from home.