Pegboard and Slat-Wall - A Low Cost But High Value Storage Solution

12/03/2011 14:45

There never seems to be enough storage space as part of your garage. Especially when looking at the small stuff. Their hands, tape, nuts & bolts, cleaners, soccer balls, shovels, rakes, boots... and also the list goes on and on. It's sometimes very hard to find a home because of these items and many times they wind up either on the floor, on the bench, or lost inside of a box or crate somewhere. An easy solution to this problem is to install pegboard or slat-wall for your garage walls and include a few simple accessories to boost your "small stuff" storage minimizing your clutter.


Pegboard can be a thin, durable sheet made of a variety of materials by using a series of symmetrically placed holes in it. Hooks, shelves, bins, baskets, along with other accessories can be coupled to the pegboard sheets and are utilized to store or display various items from small tools to heavier objects like bicycles. The pegboard material of construction has different characteristics affecting the range of possible uses.

Standard perforated hardboard (pegboard) is typically made of wood fibers and resin. It can be coated with oil and baked in the high temperature which polymerizes the oil adding strength, hardness and water proof. One of the drawbacks of perforated hardboard is it can bend and warp with age or in the presence of moisture. Perforated hardboard can sag under heavy loads unless it's secured evenly to help distribute the weight. However, what's so great about standard perforated hardboard are aesthetics as well as it low cost. The dark wood color can also add warmth to your garage when followed by wood cabinets, so when only light duty storage is necessary it is a practical option.

Metal pegboard is typically made from galvanized steel, metal, or aluminum sheets. The manufacture of these sheets is typically done by an extrusion process or by drilling holes after casting. It might come in a variety of colors and fashoins which can complement any garage motif. Metal pegboard typically would not sag, warp or splinter under heavy loads and possesses a much heavier load capacity when comparing standard pegboard. It has a higher cost when compared to standard pegboard nonetheless it is strength allows a lot broader range of applications.

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Slat-Wall can be a system of panels designed with horizontal, parallel slots machined or molded to the material which like pegboard may be adorned with a group of accessories. It is typically made of wood, MDF (medium density fiber board) or PVC (poly vinyl chloride) and it's extremely durable and attractive. Slat-wall is typically used in retail stores to hang clothing racks along with other items, but can sometimes used for garage storage. Slat-wall can also be installed over the entire garage surface hiding any ugly imperfections and allowing ultimate garage storage utility. Even cabinets and shelves may be hung on slat-wall provided that it is secured properly.