Prepare Delicious Meals With Preparing food Cooking Accessories

12/03/2011 14:27

A great meal starts with proper food preparation. In a restaurant, the head chef carries a team of workers who chop, slice, and mix, to ensure he or she can put the final meal together. In your house, you may not be so lucky, but obtaining right supplies accessible can make your job a tremendous amount easier. If you want to help the quality of your cooking, maintain the following tools with your kitchen:

Mandoline Slicer

Every wonder how restaurants get thin, perfect slices of vegetables? They probably have a mandoline slicer. These hand slicers are fantastic for cutting smooth items of potatoes and other foods, even if your knife skills will not be world class. They can even be employed to cut thin slices of meat that is frozen in some cases, and are relatively inexpensive and very simple to clean, so there's really no reason not to have one.

Garlic Press

If you are anything such as the typical home cook, chopping fresh garlic is most likely one of your least favorite tasks in the kitchen space. It can be difficult to get the pieces fine enough with not a grater and it makes the hands and the cutting board smell for hours. One remedy to this particular problem is a garlic press. By using a garlic press all you want do is load the garlic, choose your setting, and grind the garlic through. Hunt for one that has multiple settings, since you may want larger or smaller chunks, based on the recipe.

Rice Cooker

You do not need a rice cooker in making rice, but it definitely helps make the job easier. Rice is notoriously tricky to cook, since bad timing can indicate that the grains start getting extremely mushy. A good rice cooker can definitely make the difference with your meals. You can make any kind of rice in a very rice cooker, and it will be eaten as is or used in hot meals or simply sushi.

Knife Set

No home chef should be without a great knife set. Most knife accidents in the kitchen space happen because the knife getting used was too dull or was an incorrect blade for the task. Pick a knife set containing at least five to ten various sizes and kinds of knives so you are prepared for any task. Also, do not forget to also purchase a sharpener, as well as a nice set of cutting boards to avoid wasting your countertop from scratches. Typically, natural materials make better cutting boards than plastic, but it surely depends on the size and type of board you wish.

Deli Slicer

Deli slicers are not just for delis anymore! An increasing number of home chefs are purchasing slicers, that happen to be great for cutting cheese and meats. By using a deli slicer, you can save money, as you will be able to purchase your sandwich supplies in mass. You can also use your the slicer for other tasks, for instance chipping meat containing already been cooked, slicing thin items of potatoes or other vegetables, and shaving frozen, raw fish for sushi or other raw meals.


Having a juicer accessible at home can really change how we think about drinks. By using a juicer, it is extremely simple to create old standbys, like orange juice and lemonade, along with completely new concoctions that may turn into family favorites. Have you not always wanted to try lime-plum-orange juice? Juice is not only for drinking either. You may make your own fruit and vegetable juices for being the bases for marinades, sauces, salad dressings, and more.

Ice Cream Maker

The prep work for ice cream has a long time if you are getting a traditional batch with ice and rock salt. An bread maker streamlines the process, though. With just a simple recipe, you may create a creamy, sweet treat to your family. Ice cream makers save time as well. While the old style can take hours to churn the dessert, newer makers take just a fraction of that time. Take into account that you can also use your bread maker to make ice cream for ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, root beer floats, and even more, so don't feel limited by making cone after cone.

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It can be quite difficult to be a great chef without proper tools. Professionals might have culinary training, but at the conclusion of the day, half of the battle is prepping the foodstuff with the right supplies. Start preparing your kitchen piece by piece, and soon, you will have a wonderful stock of it technology that would make even Bobby Flay jealous. Investing in supplies for your kitchen has become the best ways to become a better cook.