Role Models - A person to Look Up To

12/05/2011 01:47

We all have a role model to help guide us inside the right direction. Whether it's an athlete, family member, or an iconic figure, we admire can provide homeowners achieved what we desire. This is not the case in "Role Models", as Augie and Ronnie are kids whorrrre forced to have Role Models who they don't admire. It is with time and experience that Wheeler and Danny, the adult heroines, establish themselves as positive and reliable mentors.

Wheeler and Danny must perform 150 hours of community service to stop a jail sentence. They can't become role models by choice, which happens to be very important information that defines the very idea of the film. First, there're upset about becoming heroines, and they strongly dislike it. Over the short period of time, they bond using their kids (Augie and Ronnie). Conflict takes place when each role model does something to upset their kid. They're criticized by the administrator on the program, they parents on the children, and for the worst situation: the children themselves. Wheeler and Danny eventually redeem themselves, plus the movie ends over a happy note. This allows the viewpoint from the role model, plus the challenges associated with it. Whenever you become a role model, you happen to be held accountable to do what's right; each and every time. If you make merely a single mistake, men and women instantly forget the many good things you did in past times, and focus only for your negative action. It's a very difficult job, and performing under heavy pressure is essential. It is also one of the most rewarding actions to take.

Ronnie and Augie are certainly not 'average'. They both have very unique needs and personalities. Ronnie was left by his father, and Augie has parents who don't support him. They are both in desperate dependence on a role model; they just don't know it. Ronnie tries to scare Wheeler away, and Augie is rather introverted towards Danny. In the long run, Augie and ROnnie chose the perfect role models in Wheeler and Danny.

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Who does not have a role model? Well, I can't suppose you could have one in the event you aren't alive. As a living being, you'll need someone to look up to. Someone who has already achieved your goals. Who are your role models?