Santa Bob's Advice - Have you any idea How To

12/05/2011 01:35

"When I look down in those trusting eyes,


That expect to me, I realize,

There's love that we can't hide.

Thank God for little ones.

Thank God for kids there's magic for quite a while,

A special kind of sunshine in a smile.

Do you ever stop and think or wonder why

The nearest thing to Heaven is a child?"

From a song with the Oakridge Boys

I love Christmas. Apart from the family, friends, and food, I have been blessed with a special honour - I recieve to be Santa.

Hey, I understand that the real Santa is busy within the North Pole, preparing for his yearly "one-night stand." He physically cannot appear within the pre-Christmas events, so I become his look-alike assistant. I recieve to experience something special and magical in children of all ages.

Here's the truth folks; I'm as if I am the only one receiving the gifts of these interactions.

My friend, Bob, boasts this honour. He shared certainly one of his experiences.

Bob was Santa at a large community gathering. Two young children were next in line to stay on his lap. We were holding poorly dressed and dirty. These brothers were known as bad kids. Their family was struggling financially. Physical, mental, and verbal abuse were commonplace because of these boys. Bob had chatted with one of these boys in the past. Usually, they seemed fearful, aloof, and distrustful. They rarely looked him inside the eyes, and if they did, their eyes were sullen, dull, and gloomy.

But this time, it was different. Together the boys jumped onto Bob's knees. They gazed deeply into his eyes, just as if searching for truth. Their eyes sparkled and danced. We were holding radiant and bright. Bob described the looks as purity, innocence, and trust. The boys gave him warm, genuine hugs. That they huge smiles.

They chatted about Santa stuff like elves, reindeer, and Mrs. Claus. With hesitance, Bob asked them what you wanted for Christmas. This job has its limitations. Normally, he could promise that Santa would go away something special for the child. In this case, he didn't know.

Instead on the usual list of popular toys, they requested a happy day making use of their family, without yelling and fighting. They wanted a day with food enough making sure that no one in the world was hungry.

With tears running down his cheeks, Bob asked, "Will you be my special helpers? This gift might be more than I can handle by myself."

They were eager.

Santa Bob said, "To have happiness, we should "be" happy. To have joy, we should "be" joyous. To have love, we should "be" love."

The boys grinned with understanding.

"If we come together to share happiness, joy, and love wherever we go, along with everyone we meet, we are able to create happy days to live in. And if we share this stuff with others, it will help others be happy too."

Bob continued, "This job is noticeably bigger than Christmas. It must be every day, year-round. Sometimes others may say bad things or treat you in mean ways. They're tests to see if you can be strong, and continue to be happy, joyful, and loving, everyday. Are you still willing to be my helpers?"

With excitement, they agreed, gave him big hugs, jumped off from his knees, and skipped away, laughing and smiling.

Did it come up with a positive difference in their lives? We don't know, but it surely put a jump in their steps and a sparkle to them that day.

At this time of year, regardless of your beliefs about Christmas, something enchanting happens in people - your child emerges. Youthful love and innocence are rekindled.

I think that we are all children. Yes, some have a very few more numerous years of experience than others. Some have a very few more wounds, scars, and blemishes, but we all have been children. I believe that any of us can choose to let that inner child emerge, and build longer, healthier, more loving, and fun lives.

With that planned, my challenge for yourself is to take Santa Bob's advice daily of the year: "be" happy, "be" joyous, "be" love. We should consciously "be" these things; we simply cannot "do" them.

o "Be" Happy! Smile often. Laugh often. Play often. Occurs body to move in an energetic, lively, youthful fashion.

o "Be" Joyous! Appreciate life. Notice the beauties in daily. Create a list of the people, places, and experiences you simply are grateful. Review this list often and amplify it.

o "Be" Love! Be kind, caring, respectful, and affectionate. Hug others genuinely and sometimes. Give love. It is actually magnified and multiplied the greater you give it away.

o As being a bonus, have Fun! Own life is a wonderful and fun game. Savour every precious moment because right away, it will be gone.

Do things get in your way of "being"?

Does weather, your job, the economy, as well as the "jerks" on the road or in the retail complex "P..." you off here and there?

Remember Bob's words, "These are tests to find out if you can be strong, and continue to be happy, joyful, and loving, all on the time."

Be strong my friends, and keep this spirit alive through this festive season and throughout the coming year. Morph it into a life-long habit.

And the ending to your song?

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"Hmmm, thank God for little ones!"