Selecting Women's Handbags That Fit Your Style

11/23/2011 19:38

Going from place to place is extremely difficult for women without handbags. I am always trying to get away with not carrying a handbag and it ends up making things harder on me than if I had just grabbed my handbag. This is because women's pockets are not made to carry around things like wallets and phones, the way men's pockets are. So without a handbag I end up carrying my keys, wallet, and phone in my hands making it hard to manage anything else. If you are like me and you want just one or two handbags to manage your things, you need to find handbags that will work for all occasions.

Women's Handbags For All Occasions

Although it would be nice to have different handbags to match each outfit in our closets, it just is not practical for everyone. So instead it is necessary to find one or two women's handbags that will work with all your clothes. To do this you need to take a good look at the clothes in your closet. Do you typically wear a certain color? Are most of your clothes a light color? Do you usually wear black or brown? Right now it is stylish to use womens handbags that contrast what you are wearing. Just make sure that it does not clash with what you are wearing. Although it used to be thought that every woman needed one brown handbag and one black one to go with each outfit, we now see that adding color is more fashionable. For example, if you wear a lot of soft colors like beige, pink, and light blues, you could get a deep purple handbag to wear with these colors. The dark color contrasts with the light ones, giving the outfit a more stylish look.

If you are not interested in buying new handbags every few years, than make sure that you choose timeless and durable handbags. The handbags need to be made from sturdy materials and have quality sewing. A timeless women's handbag is one that is fashionable now, was fashionable twenty years ago, and will continue to be fashionable for years to come.

How Many Handbags Do I Need?

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Typically you do not need more than two or three handbags, if you do a good job of selecting them. If you get two handbags and realize that you have a few outfits that do not work well with the handbags you have, than do not feel guilty getting one more handbag to match the last few outfits. It is when you begin going beyond three handbags that you end up spending more than you need to.