Seven Lessons From Operate Comedy

12/05/2011 00:47

As a Stand Up Comedian channeling my talents, improvisational skills and performance accrual into my speaking business, I have got acquired wisdom from performance arts which have been apropos to the speaking business.

(1) Know your audience! When crafting your speech or presentation know anything you can about the audience you might address. This involves researching the organization, the demographic on the audience, what time you will end up on (morning versus evening audiences are very different!)

(2) Know your material. The crowd expects you to basically lead them. Lead all of them with your professional and knowing grasp of the subject matter.

(3) Will not expect to win over everyone using your great speech! Fully stand up Comedians know beforehand that doesn't everyone may be receptive to their material. Yet, a Comedian understands how to control an audience, carry on and move forward with their material, and to connect with those in the crowd that do get their message!

(4) Studying to move through your material or speech is just not ignoring the audience. A Fully stand up Comedian will instantly make adjustments inside their material to meet yourwants and personality on the particular audience. Like a speaker, you 'read' your audience and then make adjustments in the way you present your material!

(5) ATTITUDE is everything! The crowd gains confidence in you the moment you walk out onto the stage. HOW you walk to that mic, podium or lectern Before you decide to open your mouth determines the audience will accept or talk with you. More important will be the connection! Make them would like you! Make that audience desire to be like you!

(6) As well as attitude in developing stage is CONTROL! A Fully stand up Comedian, a good one, happens stage and CONTROLS activity is, it is their DOMAIN! In taking control of the stage the comedian, lets the crowd know that they are in for a remarkable experience. They earn the audience feel safe.

The stage need to be your domain, your house, your place of comfort.

(7) To generate the stage your domain, take lessons to improve your performance. Take acting lessons, improvisation lessons, theater lessons. Observe performers in action and take what you should improve your stage performance. Go to open mikes and just wake up and try to make a joke or perhaps talk to the audience. Stage time is everything! With an example outside of comedy, take Phil mickelson. Mr. Woods, a naturally gifted golfer still takes lessons to improve his game!

Freebies: (a) Do auditions! Auditioning whether for a play, movie, theater production or whatever making you think 'conciseness' in getting YOUR persona (and also your message) across quickly. Auditioning making you think on your feet! You have to deliver yourself, BE yourself and who you are actually, usually in less than 6 minutes depending on the requirements on the audition.

(b) A manager for the New York Comedy Club once observed me looking glum in the club. He immediately smiled and told me to smile because We're in show business! YOU, like a speaker are in Show Business! Smile! Radiate just like a star! Make people prefer to connect with you by way of the aura you create!

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