Sewing Machines and Their History

12/04/2011 17:37

Imagine a global where everything is sewed physically, every stitch in this dress you're wearing was painstakingly sewed on your mom using a sewing needle made of bones or animal horns. It could probably take her months to do that one dress for ones birthday and guess what happens, you might not even are able to wear it because you've grown by the time she finishes it.

That scenario will be history now. Today, able to wear clothes can be acquired on the department stores, your mom may start sewing a dress each and every morning and you get to put it on by lunch time. As a consequence of sewing machines.

Hand sewing started over 20,000 in years past. A complete sewing set being discovered in the tomb of official in the Han Dynasty in China. People at that time are sewing animal skins using available materials as needles. It wasn't until 1755, when Charles Wisenthal designed and patented the 1st double pointed needle. Innovations with this small invention will pave how you can greater things.

In 1790, Thomas Saint, an english inventor, designed and patented the 1st sewing machine. He primarily designed it to stitch boots using leather and canvas. Reproduction depending on Saint's design did not work though.

French Taylor, Barthelemy Thimonnier invented the 1st working sewing machine in 1830. His work am successful that by 1841, he already had 80 working machines in their factory and are used to sew the uniforms with the French Army. His factory though was destroyed by way of mob of tailors who had been threatened by his successful business.

In 1834, Walter hunt created double thread-shuttle machine. This somewhat took over as first American working machine. He never requested a patent in fear that his invention can cause unemployment to the working seamstresses.

Elias Howe, another American inventor, invented and patented the 1st automatic sewing machine for practical use. He however had not been successful in marketing his product in the united states, so he went along to England and tried his luck there. Unsuccessful in their stint in England, he returned to America and was disappointed that men and women were infringing his patent. He filed and won the situation allowing him to claim royalties from manufacturers who had been using ideas under his patent.

In 1851, Isaac Singer, patented the 1st machine with foot presser, this is actually the first machine devised for home use. Though his name is owned by sewing machines, it is clear that he wouldn't actually invent website. Singer even adapted ideas from Elias Howe. During this process, Singer was sued by Howe, bringing on the former paying royalties for the latter.

US patent No. 10975 was issued to Isaac Singer in May 3, 1854 with the home machine he created. He am successful that he created The Singer Sewing Machine Co., the best and most popular manufacturer on the earth.

In 1889, Singer Sewing Machine Co. introduced the 1st practical electric machine. And since they say, the rest is history.

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Many innovations and improvements were then applied to this once simple machine. More "lady-like" machines were introduced. Desktop designs were also produced. Today, mom will you need to take an hour to design, embroider, sew and stitch your dress by using a machine that has went through hands of the world's geniuses and inventors.