Sewing Machines - Differing kinds For Different Jobs

12/04/2011 17:10

What are the various kinds of sewing machines?

Consumer Sewing Machines. The most frequent type of consumer model could be the zig-zag & straight stitch machine. Most modern consumer sewing machines could have at least these two stitches, plus several more.

Sergers (aka overlock machines or merrow machines). Should you be wearing clothing bought in a store, you merely ought to look inside your garment to determine what a serged stitch appears like. These machines are more complicated in that they use 3, 4, or 5 threads, as opposed to the standard 2. The wonderful thing they do, is they cut while they sew, so you get yourself a perfectly clean, finished seam. They're also the machine of choice for sewing knits (the seams stretch).

Industrial Sewing Machines (aka commercial machines). Fundamental essentials superfast machines included in production work. They can be dedicated to producing wedding and reception stitch, but you can be sure, it'll do it well. You'll find industrial machines for straight stitch, zig-zag, serging, blind hems, buttonholers, rufflers and more. They're very expensive, however if you're sewing for a job, they may be well worth the expense.

Used vs. new sewing machines Should you be buying a consumer model, it's always more fun to have something new out of the box. That said, I've made many a cute outfit with an ancient Singer machine that only did straight stitch (granted, Some make any stretch outfits with this one). However, modern sewing machines will often have some very cool decorative stitches which enable it to be great fun to create with.

As for commerical sewing machines, fairly to buy a used model, because these are very expensive machines and since they're only needed to perform one type of stitch unerringly, they are able to generally be relied on to last a long, while.

How do you know which new sewing machine to buy?

My advice is to read up on the web, find sewing forums and inquire questions. If you have a great sewing store near you, pick their brains (though It's my job to prefer user opinions to salespeople talk).

Decide what you will be primarily sewing as which could also make a difference. By way of example, you can sew some knits with a regular machine, however if you're going to be making bikinis or workout gear, make sure you go with a serger.

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Whatever type you eventually select, you're in for some fun creativity ahead!