Silicone Spatula - The Mother's Finger Substitute

12/03/2011 15:00

During my youth, my mother employed to bake a lot. Particularly for Christmas. While baking, she was making many different cremes and doughs, that put together resulted in delicious cakes. Not to waste a single bit of these semi-products, she employed to slide her fingers within the bowl to remove the very last piece of them. She always said this is the best method to make sure all things are being used. Well, which had been then, now we have a separate tool. A Silicone Spatula.

Silicone Spatula, sometimes otherwise known as a Silicone Bowl Scrapper (though it rather rarely really 'scraps') usually includes two parts: an excellent handler and a silicone part. Solid handler is, because you can expect, aimed to grab a spatula and hold it. The Silicone part does the genuine job. It is often shaped in asymmetrical manner (look into the picture), with either side (the more rectangular one) aimed on scrapping jar-like containers as well as round one with objective of scrapping bowls and alike.

The usage really is simple but to be certain I'll run through it. You're taking a Spatula by the handler and slide the silicone part with the container's interior to gather all the contents. Remember to slide within the container walls not along them, this is the most effective way. Silicone Spatulas works extremely well in almost every situation in places you need to get all the items in some container out. A chocolate mousse originating from a mixing bowl, a mayonnaise originating from a jar or a dense cocktail originating from a blender, just to mention few.

It is additionally worth mentioning that such Spatulas consist of different variants. Some have wooden handlers, some plastic as well as some metal. The Silicone part may also be made of tougher rubber, or elastic plastic. Skin different shapes, colors, and designs. Apart from all that the usage continues to be the same. Try it if you haven't done that yet.

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I once asked my mother whether she'd like to have such Spatula. With a disgusted grim she stated that her fingers are faster and much more precise. Well, she's probably right, but this confidence comes with dozens of years of experience. Bed mattress it with you?