Singer 1748 Sewing Machine Review

12/04/2011 17:28

The Singer 1748 machine has attractive red detail so it is a very nice looking machine nevertheless its real charm arises from the unique combination of built-in stretch stitches. This machine also has adjustable presser foot pressure that is helpful when working with different fabric thicknesses which enable it to be hard to find on sewing machines under $200.

Singer 1748 Stitch Patterns You'll find 32 built in stitches for different types of fabric and various types of sewing but the bulk are a unique number of decorative stretch and over-edge stitches that produce for extra strong seams. These stitches can be used as applique, quilting, stippling, and certainly for garment construction.

A stitch reference guide is printed for the front of the machine to help you quickly find the pattern you desire and a dial privately is used to scroll through those available patterns. The chosen stitch pattern appears in a tiny window on the front on the machine. Two dials for the front control stitch width and stitch length - as both versions are adjustable to 5mm.

This number of stitches includes a four-step, bartack style buttonhole. Much less quick as a one-step, but nonetheless very functional and enough for beginners to use.

Singer 1748 Presser Feet This sewing machine comes with four snap-on style, low shank presser feet: All Purpose foot, Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, plus the Button Sewing foot that may be used to attach two and four-hole buttons.

The presser foot lever has 3 height settings such as normal down position used during sewing, the up position employed to insert or remove fabric, with an extra high up for inserting and removing thicker fabrics.

Singer 1748 Features This electric machine offers a basic number of sewing features. There is an automatic needle threader, adjustable top thread tension, an opportune reverse lever for reverse sewing, along with a manual thread cutter in the machine. It's not high on automation but it is a great, sturdy basic machine that's easy to operate.

You can take away the flat bed for free-arm sewing along with a work lamp provides adequate lighting above the needle plate.

The bobbin winder is just not automatic and you have to draw up the bottom threads yourself to start sewing. The bobbin can also be front-loading, not top-loading, which some individuals find more difficult to utilize while others prefer this traditional bobbin build.

Singer 1748 Accessories Included are a number of sewing accessories that store in the flat bed attachment: L-shaped screwdriver, seam ripper and brush, oil bottle, extra needles, extra bobbins, a seam guide, darning plate, spool holder, an additional spool pin.

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The Singer 1748 machine is a great for beginners, specifically if the focus will be on stretchy fabrics and clothes-making projects.