Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

12/04/2011 17:47

The Singer 4411 Robust sewing machine addresses the necessity of power and speed in a home sewing machine. It's also reasonably priced for being extremely affordable for the majority of households. As a result, and also something special. It mixes a few of the must-haves of today's home sewing machines with power being a commercial machine to ensure hobbyists who need speed and strength inside a light weight unit can have it without spending loads of money.

If you want a home sewing machine with a boost of power when you are (or might be) a high volume quilter, when you work with unusually thick fabrics, or when you need more speed than most traditional home sewing machine, keep reading!

Singer 4411 HD Stitch Count

This is really what some would call a straight stitch machine but it surely comes with more. A few total of 11 integrated stitches including a four-step automatic buttonhole programmed on the Singer 4411. That's what makes this machine so flexible. It blurs the lines by having a few extras so you're able to use it to also do more creative sewing along with power, utility sewing.

Singer 4411 HD Presser Feet

There are 4 snap on style presser feet included after you buy the Singer 4411 HD:


General Purpose Zipper Buttonhole Button Sewing

Singer 4411 HD Features & Functionality

Most home sewing machines operate in a speed of about 800-850 stitches each minute but the Singer 4411 operates at 1100 stitches each minute. Speed is one way equipment can punch a needle through thicker materials. A stronger motor in this machine also helps. Add the appropriate needle and thread and you can go through multiple layers of even canvas or extra thick denim.

Not everyone who wants to start sewing desires to make clothes or do embroidery. I'm continually surprised at the kinds of projects consumers are planning - tents, backpacks, car upholstery, sofa covers, rucksacks, and furniture covers.

Manufacturers would use industrial or commercial grade machines however if you're just starting out with a small business or sewing this type of things out of your home, you possibly will not have the resources for equipment that costs over a thousand dollars.

This is when the Singer 4411 will come in to play. In comparison to even other home sewing machines that one is pretty darn cheap. It's under $200 and built to run and run and run.

Features add a heavy duty metal frame rich in quality plastic exterior, stainless-steel bed plate, drop feed lever, powerful motor, drop in bobbin, adjustable presser foot pressure, free arm sewing, adjustable tension and also a built in carry handle.

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Often, experienced sewers who use certain fabrics want a machine that allows for manual adjustment from the presser foot pressure. They are able to lighten the pressure or increase it to perfectly adjust for that thickness of the fabric. Even if this machine is built with all the thickest materials in mind, the adjustable presser foot pressure will make it compatible with even sheer fabrics. For many who need to do a lot of piecing and straight stitching with thick fabrics, the Singer 4411 Robust sewing machine could be an ideal choice.