Sleeper Movie Review - Starring Woody Allen And Diane Keaton

12/05/2011 01:22

"Sleeper" is a really funny sci-fi comedy, written and directed by and starring Woody Allen and in addition starring Diane Keaton. This film is incredibly much in line with many of Woody's early slapstic comedies like "Bananas", "Take the bucks and Run", and "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)".


"Sleeper" takes place in the Western District in 2173, where Miles Monroe finds himself after being revived from what will need to have been a routine hernia operation during which he'd been accidentally frozen with liquid nitrogen. They are placed in custody of individuals an underground movement aimed towards overthrowing the repressive, totalitarian government. Miles have to get and sabotage the Aries Project, a secret government project aimed towards cloning the leader, all of which remains of him being his nose.

Miles must enter hiding in order to avoid capture through the authorities, who are after him. At some time he disguises himself for a robot. He's taken up to the house of Luna Schleisser (Keaton), where he acts since the butler for a party. He ends up accidentally burning the guests' clothes, rebuffing a huge glob of instant pudding, and receiving high of the orb.

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Miles soon reveals his true identity to Luna. At the beginning she tries to turn him in, but later she goes together with him. Eventually he gets captured though, following which he is brainwashed and converted into a law-abiding member of society. Luna and several other members of the underground find him and restore him. They then devise and successfully accomplish a plan to sabotage the Aries project and start a socialist revolution.