The Best Sewing Machine - Beginning your practice Finding Your Perfect Machine

12/04/2011 16:32

So, you have been looking at buying a new sewing machine? It goes without saying that of course you intend to make sure that you buy the best sewing machine for you - this is going to suit your needs.

Well, before heading ahead and make you buy the car, it's a good idea always, to complete a bit of research and also a bit of soul searching to actually get clear mentally exactly what you require and how much you want to spend.

By using this little bit of time and applying a bit of thought just before handing over money, you can help to ensure for you to save yourself from the frustration of experiencing a machine that doesn't do what you require it to do plus the possible financial stress, which can be caused later on by spending too much money on your new machine.

So let's get started with the two most important questions to ask yourself:

First - Just how much do you want to spend?

This is a very important question to ask yourself just before buying your sewing machine, otherwise you might find yourself getting caught up in a fantasy playing field of sewing possibilities and spending way more than you can afford to in your new machine, leading to financially stretched and regretting you buy the car later on - in the event the excitement of your new toy has waned.

Sewing machine prices may vary from as little as $30 to $1000's based on the capabilities of the machine.

So decide it is possible to maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend and after that find a machine that may do what you want it to - which you can afford.

Second - What are you gonna use your home sewing machine for?

Why do you want a sewing machine? Is it just for mending and repairs? Are you planning on doing a little basic sewing? Or are you going to be doing a lot of sewing? Making clothing, doing quilting or crafts?

If you only want to do some basic sewing or mending then you'll definitely probably only require equipment that does the fundamental stitches such as straight stitch, zigzag and maybe a couple more and that accompanies a general presser foot, perhaps a zipper foot and also a button hole foot.

A basic machine like this will allow you to do mending, repair work and some basic sewing if that is what you want.

However if you're planning on doing more complicated sewing tasks or utilizing your sewing machine a lot, it's going to be worth your while to purchase a more complex machine that accompanies more options internal such as a large variety of built in stitches, automatic button holing and added bonus accessories just like various specialized presser feet that will make complicated tasks easy.

There a few very automated sewing machines on the market today that just make life far more easy and make sewing tasks a great deal of quicker. Options just like one step button holes, where all you do is attach the appropriate presser foot, push the appropriate buttons and away it is going - the machine should it all for you. Easily and quickly.

Other options such as automatic threading which will not sound like a big deal, but when you're changing cotton regularly, can be quite a real time saver! These kinds of features can save considerable time and make you so much more efficient..

If you plan on doing a large amount of sewing, these types of features will allow you to do more inside a shorter time and that's something to be considered.

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So, have a think about what you would like to achieve with your new machine, just how much you want to spend and after that research different models for top level sewing machine for you!