The Brother 6000 New sewing machine Review

12/04/2011 17:22

Are you thinking about buying a superb sewing machine but your affordability is less than $200? If you're looking for a piece of equipment that has many features but is not cheaply made and you are obviously not willing to spend a bunch of money the Brother 6000 machine might be the right solution for you personally. Let me tell you about my knowledge about this sewing machine.


The machine really is easy to use - I'm a stay at home mom and that i don't have too much time learning how to use a new machine. Furthermore I'm quite a novice to sewing, so, when I was looking for a machine one of my priorities was finding the one which had some quite simple and convenient features.

I discover the Brother 6000 machine based on the great reviews I read on line. What appealed to me is the fact that the sewing is fully computerized, it provides a great selection of different stitches and a automatic needle threading.

In every case, before beginning with the sewing read carefully the manual that may be included. I found that it is exceptionally helpful and informative (and you also discover so many hidden possibilities).

Here is usually a list of things an extremely like about the Brother 6000 machine:

• It's easy to use for a newbie- everything relating to this machine is plain and simple. The stitch selection is fully computerized (your machine actually tells you how to proceed). You can actually operate it with not a foot control by using the one-touch start/stop and reverse control buttons. I like that you can choose the sewing speed you need using the electronic speed control. And what's very important to me your machine is easy to thread.

• The options are just great! - I just now love the automatic buttonholer as well as the automatic needle threading. It will make it so much easier! The accessories which are included are great as well (for zipper insertion, twin needle stitching, darning, button sewing). Selecting a presser feet with this machine is very good as well.

• It's great for quilting too - It is an excellent machine for quilting also it comes with a quilting table. I'm not exactly a quilter, but my mother who likes quilting completed it and she was blown away by the possibilities (I later got her this machine birthday). With this machine you can do accurate stitching of slippery fabrics and of multiple layers. Furthermore, your machine has a drop feed in order to create free-form and traditional quilt patterns.

• The computerized stitch selection - I must say i love this feature, it makes it so easy to modify stitch length and width. Once you change the stitches the LCD display tells you what presser foot you'll want to attach for that stitch! The stitch functions are wide ranging: utility stitches for mending and garment construction, decorative stitches, quilting stitches and super-wide zigzag stitches.

• It is surprisingly featherweight (16 pounds) in order to carry it around with not a problem. Especially if you need to carry it around the house.

• The amount is a bargain! - you might be really getting great value-for-money on this machine, especially when you consider the feet and accessories which are included (with other machine you generally have to buy additional attachments separately). I compared the features and quality of this machine by using a sewing machine a friend of mine has (and who paid it $500) and that i have to say mine is more preferable!

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At the end I have to say this machine exceeds my expectations. I'm still discovering the hidden probability of this machine and my sewing gets better every day (I'm even considering starting your own business selling my baby carriers and pouches on line!). So, if you're into sewing this can be the machine you absolutely need!