The Garmin Edge 305 GPS Bicycle Navigator

12/02/2011 12:17

For everyone who loves riding their bicycle, whether it be to and from work, school or maybe for fun, the Garmin Edge 305 GPS bicycle navigator is an ideal companion. It can greatly facilitate your riding since it allows you to concentrate wholly for the scenery and your motion rather than to care about where you want. That's exactly what the Edge 305 protects.


It's a really advanced bicycle computer that allows you to set the exact route you're going to be taking even before you start riding. That way you can plan what you would like to see, how long you wish your trip to take, and in what way fast you're going to have got to ride. Of course, this is usually a very special and wonderful means of riding if you see it as being a hobby, but looking just trying to make a whole tour of the environment, the Garmin Edge 305 may help, because it allows you to set route points that you want to pass by absolutely, and it also calculates the shortest way between all these points so you never ride much. You'll also get an immediate estimation of that time it'll take you for this particular route, and you may adjust it for a needs.

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Obviously not everybody uses their bicycle on christmas or to discover new areas around them, however to stay in shape an ride for his or her health. This approach is entirely supported by the Garmin Edge 305, too, since it records your seed while you are riding and the altitude you're riding at, so that at the end of each trip it is possible to exactly follow up where you've been, how fast, how long, and in what way far you went. This lets you keep detailed training statistics for yourself to track your improvement and make out exactly what route is right for your current fitness level. By combining the Garmin Edge 305 navigator by using a heart-rate sensor in a watch or maybe a belt you can even adjust your trips for a heart-rate and follow the way in which your heart has been doing, wherever you are.