The GPS and Smartphones - Reinventing the TomTom

12/02/2011 14:18

How more often than not have you had that annoying voice convince you you've just missed your left turn, however it very kindly re-corrects and adjusts for ones missed turn and says to you how to get to that Krispy Kreme in Richmond that you simply need to have? Or maybe that's just me, but most people who have GPS/portable navigation systems in their cars have were able to settle down to having a tiny, inexpensive TomTom or other type of nav system that sits on the dashboard and is form of small and petite.

While these materials are incredibly valuable whenever you're lost somewhere, the truth is the most recent iPhone and Smartphone is getting ready to make GPS systems in cars obsolete. Yup, that is correct. Obsolete. In fact, the present iPhone has a function that allows you to find out just about your exact place, due to a nicely-tuned program with Google maps in this little beauty. The latest iPhone will triangulate your own with a ton of different Wi-Fi hot spots in the area and attempt to pinpoint your location from there. Thing are on the verge of get even more complicated in the flooring buisingess market, though, for the reason that brand new Apple iPhone, this Steve Jobs is going to reveal with a few days, is going to have a full GPS system right inside that little machine that might all but destroy the market for GPS systems.

Not that the iPhone was without enough bells and whistles to completely get your techno-motor going, though this nice little Global positioning system unit, you'll be able to find out that you need to go no matter what way you're traveling. By doing this, if you're a pedestrian who's figuring out where to go, rest assured that your iPhone will tell you. The new smartphone is also amazing in it's navigation system.

And if that isn't good enough for you personally, apparently, these plans have officially scared everything out of the manufacturers in the TomToms, S-Dals and many other GPS automotive satnav systems. The fact that the iPhone will be with their customer on a regular basis will essentially get rid of the need for a dash-board navigational system, since they can just pull it up on their phone and keep driving, which, many individuals still seem to do.

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The only issue with this entire thing is going to be having people learn to adjust to the smaller screen in the iPhone without creating an unneeded distraction while driving. The smartphone is designed with a better screen that can make it easier to use.