The History of GPS and just how it Works

12/02/2011 12:16

The modern day GPS is trusted and most people own one today. The original purpose of the GPS hasn't been for personal use. It was made for military use to monitor airborne objects along with other objects that could quit seen in a normal line of sight.


The modern GPS dates back to the late 1950's. Russia was beginning there space exploration with Sputnik. People that were following the spacecraft in the event it was traveling seen that you could track it with radio signals. With this discovery the beginning of GPS was born. The United States government began to work on developing fractional treatments in the mid-1960's when the Transit System project premiered. The Transit System had been a system of 6 satellites which are to begin circling the earth. They were to be used primarily to help you track the progress and direction of missiles and submarines. The initial satellite was used in orbit around the earth in 1978 with the United States Department of Defense.

Today's GPS Navigation and Global Positioning System is usually found on the windshield of any car or on the motorcycle and bicycle. This technology is so popular that this advanced mapping system that newer cars are even being built with GPS included as being a standard feature. But what many fail to realize is that GPS began equally as much more than a device utilized by the directionally challenged. GPS Navigation began as a of all time time and promising item of equipment designed by the United States Government for military and government use exclusively.

Today this system includes the operation of 24 satellites that continually orbit planet earth in a very precise track. The satellites can be used a variety of functions that include navigation, GPS mapping and tracking. Using the assistance of these satellites which can be only visible during the night time we can accurately depict our location, the spot of someone else, or maybe the location of where you should travel. What is more incredible is the place small such a technique is now. Today's GPS can fit into the palm within your hand and yet holds enormous power. Some navigation units are even included in watches which are not much wider than a quarter! Small GPS is popular for hikers and bikers as it's easy to carry and know your exact place.

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The GPS technology is actually changing and only the longer term will be able to tell us and what will happen with it for the reason that possibilities are limitless. With today's vehicles, the constructed in GPS has considerably more than the navigation. Current technology has the capabilities to get traffic information, weather and news information regularly into the GPS and map it! Even gas stations with the current prices works extremely well with the MSN Direct service built into some GPS purchases.