The Most Popular Barbecue Accessory

12/03/2011 14:28

Here's a secret ballot. Elect your favorite barbecue accessory:


1. Spatula, Tongs and Fork

2. Knives

3. Rib racks, rotisseries, baskets

4. Smoker box

5. Apron

Okay, we've deliberate made their list simple rather than complex (you don't see propane gauges on there, do you?). But when it appears right down to it, don't we all have our very favorite utensil or gadget which enables us barbecue like queens and kings? So bear with me; I will set out the virtues of each one and then you can vote.

Spatula, tongs and fork

What can you do without them? Elect the long-handled spatula, that broad flat steel "spoon" that lovingly distributes the morsels for the grate and positions them for max sear, without risk for a fingers and hands. And also the tongs, of course, which are the only best way to turn anything, be it meat or veggie, and without that you would have flavorless dry food that nobody could eat. Finally the fork - never, ever turn the meal with a fork, and also nothing but desiccate. But it has one important job - prying the lost components of food out of the basin where they may have slipped through the grate. Extremely important set of tools!


True, the knives precede the particular cooking phase, but may you realistically release a respectable barbecue without having to be the proud who owns a terrific set of professional chef knives? You must prepare the cuts of beef, pork or chicken properly - you won't have to be flashy and slice at a million miles a 2nd like Bobby Flay, but you do need to have a fondness for wielding the knife yourself. Elect knives, anyone?

Rib racks, rotisseries, baskets

This is really the category for "all those things that help you cook better and forestall you from trying to makes use of the grate for stuff which it is not well suited." So prefer the basket that allows you to cook cherry tomatoes with nary a casualty. Praise the rotisserie that roasts that whole organic the opportunity chicken to the most succulent, tender stage; you may never quite achieve the ditto baking on the grate. And rib racks, certainly, let you attain that even crispy coating that creates ribs the most popular of barbeque items. This category ought to be at the top of your list.

Smoker Boxes

All on the rest of the entrants can be replaced, without much loss. (You are able to flip the burgers employing a big knife or maybe your fingers). The smoker box, however, is different to the barbeque and it's also uniquely important. Whatever kind of grill you have, the smoker box allows you to get the benefits of all types of wood flavors, from fruitwoods to mesquite to hickory. Nothing imparts that outdoor barbecue taste like wood chips in a very smoker box.


Your party wouldn't be half as much fun if you weren't out there in your "King of the Barbecue" apron for just anybody to mock, at the same time secretly envying your cooking prowess, now would it not? Besides, grilling can be truly messy and also you want to catch the many spills and grease with something besides your favorite sports star jersey. Finally, the apron could be the billboard for that sad, sick, pathetic barbecue humor which the truth is everybody finds hilarious. "Got buns?" - admit it, that's funny!

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Ready? Now its a pointer to vote!