The Two Must Have Sewing Machine Feet - Walking Foot - Roller Foot

12/04/2011 17:38

The modern day advanced sewing machines consist of several advanced features. Two such important new sewing machine types are the walking foot sewing machines plus the roller foot sewing machines.

The Roller Foot New sewing machine:

This type of sewing machine works fantastic on leather, vinyl as well as suede. It is not easy to sew these materials. The layers between these materials are prone to shifting, making stitching impossible.

A normal new sewing machine with regular foot creates a lot of friction plus the layers get stuck under the sewing machine. The materials which are getting stitches are extremely soft and so there are a number of problems in stitching them.

These problems may be avoided by using a roller foot new sewing machine. The machine rolls over the material that is getting stitched and so the stitching is smoother then there is less amount of friction than it would have been otherwise. If the fabrics that are being stitched tend to be heavy like canvass and denims, it is a lot of ease at the same time. The seams which are being formed about the clothes are bulky and uneven.

The Walking Foot New sewing machine:

This machine is perfect for fabrics including plaids and stripes. It's essential for patterns in addition. The stitching that is certainly done on the layers with the top and those with the bottom are done evenly.

Take Examine Some Of The Special Features Of The Roller Foot And also the Walking Foot Sewing Machines:

• Great portability: these swing machines can be portable. You can keep them within your cabinets. You can carry them easily on your travels without any trouble as a result.

• Large sewing area: both these machines have a large sewing area which facilitates sewing.

• Motor: the motor is intended in such a way as to provide you with a reliable stitching and compact work.

• Even feed foot: while you are sewing really tough fabrics which have a tendency to slip, this is helpful. In case you are stitching georgette fabrics, a velvet bodice and for that matter a leather skirt, things could possibly get really messy. Speculate these even feed foot new sewing machine attachments the problems can easily be overcome and the stitching is possible easily and pretty fast.

• Extra quantity of space is provided if you should stitch a thick fabric: you will find a lever present there is to lift if you need extra room for stitching fat fabrics. You are able to adjust this gain levels to 12 mm.

• Automatic thread timer: it comes with an automatic thread timer linked to the sewing machines. The threads are trimmed just by pressing the button on the foot of the machine. This fastens is essential sewing. There is no wastage of thread. The quantity that you need is cut because of the machine.

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Stitching is not such a painful exercise providing you are using these sewing machines.