The Weirdest Wedding Gifts Ever

12/05/2011 01:50

On a couple's happy day it really is traditional for guests, friends and family to give them something in order to on with their new life together. This may usually be crockery, furniture along with other useful household items as being a married couple would not live together until after the nuptials.


These days situations are a little different as many couples live together before getting married and wedding gifts now are often something quirky or luxury, barely ever necessities. But is not everyone is great at giving gifts, below are some of the more unusual items couples received on the special day:

Everyone loves a type of 3D pictures, the type you have to stare into for a while before you discover a vague shape lurking amongst the migraine-inducing mess of colours and patterns. But a whole new York couple were that is left behind in the second dimension after an estranged relative gave them a 6ft 3D canvas painting, strangely depicting a horse's head, that has been somehow supposed to fit neatly within their tiny one bedroom Manhattan apartment, the pair swiftly left the work of art to the next art lover to move it by in the pub corner.

However confusing, most gifts are shown with the best meaning in your mind, however some are no; In Spain, a bitter women-turned stalker who has been not actually invited to your wedding of her ex-boyfriend, sent the pair a gift wrapped box, the package contained a handgun, just one bullet and a note reading "for if you find yourself ready to get rid of her." They made us of the gun keeping it for protection within their new house and in their first week together they heard a thief downstairs, the husband quickly reached for your gun and shot on the dark, instantly killing the trespasser who ironically turned out to be the disturbed ex-partner who had given them the gun initially.

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Appliances for the kitchen are always a good call provided that several of you don't buy the same thing. A Californian couple were slightly confused when they received all the range of George Forman cooking grills at their wedding; the best confusing part was that they are from the same relative. As a result the guest owned retail store that had started selling the grills and also since he bought them for a relatively low cost price, felt rather cheap giving just one single, so to appear generous, he individually wrapped all of the twelve grills of assorted shapes and sizes. The couple were very grateful as the grills they did not need they gave away as Christmas, birthday along with other wedding gifts for the next year.