Things to Consider When Buying a Sewing Machine

12/04/2011 17:43

Once you choosed to buy a sewing machine, invest time to carefully look over the merchandise available on the market. There are many sorts of machines offered by various manufacturers. First evaluate your sewing needs; are you planning to sew occasionally and require only a relatively simple machine or are you planning to sew a great deal and undertake complicated sewing projects? Needless to say, price will pay a job in any decisions you make.

Sewing machine sales centres provide more information and will explain and demonstrate the machines offered available for purchase. You should always try out the machines yourself. The equipment should not be too complicated to use; the buttons and levers should be well placed. Test this:

Can the needle simply be threaded?

Does the lamp light the work surface properly?

Does the machine move light and fabric evenly?

Does the machine stop immediately when you remove your foot from the pedal?

You should also ask what extra attachments accompany the machine and where it is usually repaired. The manual should be detailed, easily understandable, and also have clear instructions.

Choose the sewing feet as carefully as being the machine. There are feet attachments for Hemming, edging, knitting, darning, making buttonholes, and the overlock stitch, as well as for all sorts of decorative work, for example appliqué, and attaching sequins and beads.

Buy a machine only once you are convinced the software creator is a serious one, their client service is efficient; their machine is well thought-out and straightforward to use. For beginners, and then for all those who want to study a new sewing technique, getting a sewing course is a wonderful idea. Some stores offer courses relevant to specific manufacturers machines.

Each manufacturer has evolved its own sewing system and levers and buttons are differently located, so bear this at heart when comparing machines.

A good staring machine can be a hobby or general-purpose machine

Easy to use, this type of machine offers many useful stitches, for example zig zag, stretch and blind stitches. Many machines have got a buttonhole maker and can be used to sew buttons onto garments. This machine type is a wonderful beginner's machine. Also, it is useful for simple alterations and repairs.

Electronic Sewing Machine.

Used mainly by the home sewer, the electronic machine has a lot more than 3 times as many programs for decorating and professional finishes as being the hobby machine, including stretch and overlook stitches. Furthermore, it has a button hole maker plus an automatic needle threader.

Computerised Sewing Machine

Along which has a large selection of all-purpose stitches, the computerized machine offers many style of embroidery stitches. Employing an attachment, these machines is usually transformed into a professional embroidery machine. Some come programmed craigs list 170 decorative stitches. Additionally offer features for example an automatic needle threader.

Over lock machine or Seger

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This unit has become very popular in The USA and Canada. It sews a seam (at around 1,500 stitches a minute), finishes the edge, and trims the seam, allowance - All-in-one step. It can be used with as many as five spools of threads and will perform decorative procedures, maybe a fine rolled hem. It is not a substitute for a regular machine.