Tips For Choosing the Perfect Sewing Machine

12/04/2011 17:20

If movie the market for a sewing machine, chances are you're confused by way of the vast array of models, features, and options. The countless choices can be overwhelming. Getting a sewing machine is a significant investment. The correct machine can make sewing fantastic - the wrong someone can mean hours of struggle and frustration. Some models are only annoying and tough to work with.


The answer to several key questions can certainly make your decision as simple as sewing a straight seam! Find the following when shopping for your ideal machine:

Storage and Use

What are definitely the characteristics of your sewing space? Do you think you're fortunate enough to have a dedicated room to operate on your creative projects? Or does one share space with your family? A room of your own allows a large cabinet with constructed in storage. Sewing in the home dictates portability.

Next, which side you store your equipment it uses very little? If you have a permanent sewing space, you might choose an attractive wooden cabinet that protects and conceals your machine it uses very little. On the other hand, if you work towards the dining room or family table a portable machine featuring a own carrying case is really a better choice.


How long does one intend to keep your machine? Have you got a few simple projects you would like to complete, but don't anticipate frequent sewing? Or are you currently a regular sewer that will need a heavy duty machine? Do you think you're the type that wants the most recent model and will be during market in a year or two for an upgrade?

Before you purchase, determine that you intend to use your machine for a few months, a few years, or longer. A machine that will last many years is a long term investment. In this case, you should expect to pay greater than the occasional user.

Sewing Projects

What form of sewing will you do? Do you think you're into crafts, fabric art, or fashion design? Or does one anticipate only simple, basic sewing like mending and hems?

Is interior decor your primary objective? In that case, will you restrict yourself to tasks such as lightweight curtains, tablecloths, and place-mats? Or are draperies, bed covers, and slipcovers on your list? Aforementioned would necessitate a huge duty machine. Is the goal to save money by sewing to get a growing family or fashion your own private unique clothing? Using this objective in mind, you might insist on specific stitching features.

The needs on the hobbyist or textile artist that is definitely passionate (shall I have faith that obsessed?) with sewing is far different from that of the pragmatic sewer. The resolution the above questions will determine the best choice for you. Pick a machine that meets your wants yet there is no sense in buying features you'll never use.


What stitching features does one require? A basic straight stitch machine is the least expensive. For mending and simple projects, this may be all you require. A semi-automatic zigzag is the next phase. In addition to a zigzag stitch, these sew stretchy fabrics, make buttonholes, and seam edges. Some can have the ability to create a blind hem and stretch stitch.

Then you will find the mechanical, automatic zigzag. Stitches include straight, zigzag, and stretch stitching. A mixture of decorative stitches can be accomplished by either inserting a cam or manipulating a hand control. If you have wants creations with decorative stitches, and are willing to put in a amount of practice time, this category can be a good choice.

Finally, there are computer, computerized models. These can do everything the mechanical zigzag is capable of doing - plus much more. Powered by an electronic digital computer chip, stitches are manufactured with a simple push of your mouse button. Programmed with numerous stitch lengths, widths, and beautiful decorative stitches, they are a joy to use. These are generally designed for serious sewers. Do you want to use such wonder features? And are generally they worth the added cost?

Bottom Line

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The question of methods to choose a sewing machine is easily answered with a bit of thought. Consider your wants, purpose, available time for sewing, whilst your budget. And remember, a well built, sturdy sewing machine can last 20 years or longer - if you'd like it to!