Tips On Selecting The Right Tool Storage To Fit Your Needs

12/03/2011 14:14

If you have been researching toolboxes for the amount of time, you may be overwhelmed in the staggering variety of choices available.

Regardless of which style or variety of steel you choose, usually there are some key things you may need to look for when shopping for tool storage.


Size & Mobility That 72" monster chest sure would look good in your garage, wouldn't it? As Americans, we are all about 'bigger is better'. But do you want that giant tool chest? Are you going to be able to move it whether it is full of tools? A fully stocked 60" box can weigh well over 1500 pounds. Do you actually want to push that behemoth around? Are you going to have room to go it to where you are working? If it is destined to be a stationary tool chest that you'll be going to leave in a single spot, this won't be as big of your concern for you. However if you will be rolling it around, find the room you have to maneuver around in and how many pounds you want to be pushing around. Casters Small casters will learn uneven surfaces, creating a toppled tool chest, as well as injury. You want at the least 4" casters, preferably 5" or 6". You'll also want to make sure the tool chest you pay for has at least two locking casters to circumvent roll-aways. Drawer Sizes The type of tools you use largely will determine what sizes of drawers you need. Along with size, it is very important ensure the drawer's weight rating works with what you plan on investing in it. Drawer Slides You will want two on shallow drawers, four to the deeper drawers. Again, the body weight rating is an important factor. Ball bearing slides aren't a necessity, but once you own a device chest with ball bearing drawer slides, you won't ever buy one without them. Material There's 2 main choices of materials out there, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel. We look at these here and break them on to a couple more sub-choices: Chrome steel. These have really gained popularity in the past five years possibly even, and it's not hard to view why. A nicely appointed garage having a Stainless Steel tool chest can be an impressive sight. However these can be a pain to help keep clean, and the look isn't for every individual. Most Stainless Steel tool chests are made from a mild steel frame and drawer inners with Chrome steel outer walls and drawer fronts. All Chrome steel. Same as above, but the frame and drawer inners are also made of Stainless Steel. There are few of these on the market. In the event the manufacturer doesn't specifically say the tool chest is perhaps all Stainless Steel, it probably isn't. You probably only need one of these should you be in a sterile, mugginess, or salt water environment. Powder Coated Mild Steel. These represent the ones to get should you be concerned about all the smudges that is going to typically show up on a stainless-steel tool chest, or maybe you have magnetic tools and accessories you plan on using. Powder coating is usually a baked-on finish that is tougher and longer lasting than paint. The finish I really like is the wrinkle-finish powdercoat. It's tougher, resists scratches, and appearance professional. Painted Mild Steel. In simple terms only seen on cheaper and low-end tool chests. These will scratch and fade easier than the powder coated variety. After tearing up these, I won't even acquire one anymore. Spend your money and get a tool chest that will last. That brings us on the final point: Warranty This is going without saying, but you should find a company that stands behind many. I personally won't buy any tools or tool chests which don't offer a lifetime warranty.

So when choosing a tool chest, first decide between Chrome steel or Mild Steel, and then make sure it has the functions you want before purchasing.

You may want to ask yourself, do you really here is a stainless toolbox? Should you work in a high humidity or sterile environment, you'll likely want a completely stainless toolbox. For anyone who is building a show-quality garage, a typical stainless box will meet your needs.

One thing to remember about stainless is it is not magnetic. It isn't really a big deal to most people, nonetheless have many magnetic accessories and tools which i use quite often, and that i like to be able to stick the crooks to the side of the box while I'm implementing something. Also, fingerprints and smudges have a tendency to show easily for a stainless toolbox. You probably know how your stainless refrigerator door protects the kids make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Well, imagine what your nice stainless toolbox will look like when you're done is going to be oil!

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You are now ought to reconsider the knowledge you need to fill that empty space in your garage. Now go forth there and find that tool chest you've been dreaming about!