Top 15 Comedies From the Golden Era of Comedy - The 1980s

12/05/2011 00:40

I am a tremendous fan of comedy movies where there have been some great ones lately. The Hangover was an immediate classic that immediately jumped onto on the list of Top 3 spots on my own all-time favorite comedies list. The Aughts had great ones like Wedding Crashers and Old School. And of course the 90s a couple of my favorites while in the Big Lebowski and Swingers.

But for my money, few other decade rivals the 1980s for Comedy Movies; that it was the Golden Chronilogical age of Comedies. The amazing thing regarding the 80s was the sheer depth of great comedies together with the creativity of the writers. You don't believe me? Well consider that on my personal directory of the Top 30 Comedies of the 1980s, Airplane! and Sixteen Candles never show up until numbers 20 and 21. That is depth.

Because of the deep comedy field through the 1980s it is fun to search all the member rankings just for this category as they vary dramatically. While using rankings of all members, we've compiled a weighted average composite ranking of the Top 35 Comedies through the 1980s. However, to support our ever-shrinking attention spans, we present the best 15 from that list with short Twitter-like descriptions.

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Combine 3 secondary school seniors with spring fever in Chicago, add Dad's vintage convertible Ferrari and you end up with an epic adventure would be the envy of every hooking-playing teenager.

2. Caddyshack

Often lands on top of lists for both Sports movies and Comedies. This hilarious movie about golf caddies really shines owing to brilliant performances by Bill Murray and Ted Knight.

3. Airplane!

Not certainly one of my favorites on the list but a majority of consider it a Top 10 Comedy of all time. This is the granddaddy of the parody movie poking fun with the disaster movies of the 70s. "And don't call me Shirley."

4. The Blues Brothers

"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, its dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!" And so starts one of the silliest, most destructive car chase scenes in movie history.

5. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Jeff Spicoli! That's really all you want say as this movie has one of the best comedic characters ever designed for a movie - and done by a non-comedic actor. Brilliant!

6. Ghostbusters

"Boy, the Super's likely to be pissed!" This is among the many great lines out of this cutting edge classic. I still remember the boys going on David Letterman prior to the movie came out and in addition they deadpanned it so well that we honestly could not tell if they really believed in ghosts or you cannot.

7. The Breakfast Club

Some purists might declare that TBC was a drama not a comedy, but it is still on the list of funniest movies I have ever seen. Great characters, an antique storyline about stereotypes including a hilarious setting in weekend detention, also could you want. And kudos to John Hughes for landing 2 of the Top 7 comedy slots.

8. That is Spinal Tap

Before there was reality TV or mock-umentaries like Blair Witch, clearly there was Spinal Tap. Focus on originality. This fictional story regarding the rise and fall of a rock rock band is outstanding. Nigel describing his amp that would go to Eleven in volume is truly one of my favorite scenes.

9. Big

This story has been remade many times over the years but here is the original - as much as I know. A guy depressed by the rat race turns into a kid again and through that process, rediscovers what is important in daily life. While funny from time to time, I preferred Hanks in Splash, which inturn did not even increase the risk for Top 35 list.

10. Bull Durham

Another of the great Sports Comedies, Bull Durham would be the story of players struggling to face life in the minor leagues. And also this ends up at the top of plenty of sports lovers lists and overall is critical see comedy.

11. Raising Arizona

Its part dark comedy, part comedy caper and overall a non-stop adventure. We obtain Goodman's first great comedic role, Holly Hunter and Nicholas Cage blossom as comedians as well as Coen Brothers launch an outstanding comedic career using this type of classic.

12. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Steve Martin as well as late John Candy are perfect in this tale of business travelers trying to get home with the Thanksgiving holiday. That is right up there with Roxanne, as one of Steve Martin's best comedic roles. As you move the laughs are big, the film is additionally touching and poignant. A real gem.

13. Vacation

Definitely Chevy Chase's best movie role, unfortunately that it was mostly downhill following that for Chase. Road trips have been great comedy fun over time and this is the granddaddy of all of them.

14. Spaceballs

This is a Mel Brooks parody of the The exorcist series. I have to admit that we have never seen this movie so it will be tough to comment. However, We have heard that everyone loves John Candy's role as Chewbacca.

15. Revenge of the Nerds

Home Alone Zach Galifianakis Live Purple Onion Punkin Chunkin Pilot Man Who Knew Too Little The Cabin Show A L F The Flaming Spittoon Acquisitoin Happy Feet 1 01 Visioneers A Touch Of Class Back Up Plan Belly Laughs Making Then She Found Me Pilot Pilot Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Sick Boy Sitter Episode 1 Thanksgiving Ghostbusters II Red Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles The Hangover Everything Must Go Thanksgiving Pie Lette Pilot The Shop Around Corner Bulletproof Leap Year Planes Trains and Automobiles The Bad Fish Paradigm Longhorns The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation Confessions Sociopathic Social Climber The Robotic Manipulation John Pinette Im Starvin Communication Problems Best in Show Charlies Angels Hudson Hawk Paul Little Shop of Horrors Mallrats The Holiday It Could Happen To You Kung Pow Enter The Fist 3000 Miles to Graceland A Life Less Ordinary Pie Lette HD

This is the original after which every Michael Cera and Jon Heder movie is shaped. It's really a hilarious college comedy of the little guy overcoming the BMOC. I loved Napoleon Dynamite and Superbad, however, you must view the original to seriously enjoy the newer geek flicks.