Top Sewing Machines - 4 Machine That you need to Consider in 2010

12/04/2011 17:26

Top sewing machines includes a wide array of features right now from computerized stitch selection to easy threading and bobbin insertions. Every one of these new features and fancy extras causes it to become difficult to sort through the many machines on the market to uncover the top machines you can count on to have the right features when getting the job done and also to perform reliably year after year. These four machines offer full functionalities you most want while still offering the kind of performance you realized putting them over the rest their class.

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is one of the more solidly built lightweight machines available. It offers 60 different stitch combinations including a fully computerized menu that's easy to understand and use. Extra features that make it one of the top sewing machines in the class include an all to easy to change drop in bobbin, an automatic threader and a one-step buttonholer that incorporates seven sizes. When you are ready to intensify from your basic starter machine this lightweight beauty is a perfect choice.

The Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine

One of the very endearing features of the Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Machine is that even though it is packed with many advanced features it is designed to be easy to use. With 173 built in stitches including a drop in bobbin with automatic needle threading you can be up and sewing within minutes. The easy to read digital display makes it simplallows you to see what your settings are for you are both visual and audio alarms to let you know if the stitch you will be using is unsafe. Usability and plenty of features puts this sewing machine at the top of the list for advanced beginners.

The Janome Threadbanger TB12

If you are interested in a moderately priced utility sewing machine that is very well built easy to use then the Janome Threadbanger TB12 is what you have been looking for. If you are looking for a fancy machine with plenty of stitches, this one will not be for you. It does however offer firm performance and 12 stitches that come with several stretch stitches. Building a to use 4 step buttonholer easy change feet permit plenty of creativity and place this utility sewing machine at the top of it class.

The Euro-Pro 9105 New Computer Sewing Machine

Just as you are not an expert yet doesn't imply that you should not be permitted to let your creative juice flow. The latest sewing machine from Euro was designed to make sewing numerous fun for both the beginner and expert alike. It is a fully computerized machine with 40 built-in stitches and has enough memory to hold up to 30 custom stitch patterns. While overall the machine is quite light it really is well built and contains host of accessories including 12 different feet. What's more, it comes with a very well planned and illustrated guide and the LCD screen that allows you to keep track of everything. Well planned, superior quality and lots of built-in features puts this machine within a class of its own and is particularly perfect for most of your daily and creative sewing needs.

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Although you will find dozens of excellent brands and models in the shops today these four rate as one of several top sewing machines available. Every one of them brings something extra for the table such as the solidly built Janome Threadbanger TB12 along with it all aluminum case and metal interiors and the 173 built in stitches in the Singer 7470. To find the best machine for your requirements, you need to decide what degree of sewing you plan to complete and then match the machine to your needs. All four of these models should have "Best in Class" ratings and would make an excellent choice.