Types of Sewing Machines

12/04/2011 16:21

There are three types of sewing machines- mechanical sewing machines, electronic sewing machines, and computerized sewing machines. Since their introduction in 1800 till 1960's, all sewing machines were mechanical. Mechanical sewing machines are controlled with a rotary wheel. They've knobs and dials to produce changes in the tension or maybe the length or width of your stitch.

Lockstitch sewing machines start using a hook and a bobbin thread to generate stitch patterns, whereas chain stitch machines utilize a looper to form stitches. One of the main drawbacks of chain stitching is that it is very weak along with the stitch can easily be pulled apart. Together with lock stitching and chain stitching machines, you will find blind stitch and buttonhole-and-button-sewing machines that use a spreader to create stitches.

Mechanical sewing machines are less costly and are the simplest kind of sewing machine in terms of build. Bernina 1008, Kenmore 11101, Singer 6038, Elna 2005, Kenmore Mini, Kenmore 15212, and Sears Kenmore 15218 are the mechanical sewing machines out there.

By the year 1970, electronic sewing machines become popular. There are more features inside an electronic sewing machine compared to a mechanical sewing machine. Rather then turning knobs or dials, electronic sewing machines use button to adjust length or width of your stitch. Electronic sewing machines have motors; each is assigned with a specific task and is also run by electricity. Singer 7442, Singer 7462, Singer CE-100 Futura, Elna 3230, and Janome Decor Excel 5124 are some instances of electronic sewing machines.

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Another type is the computerized sewing machine, and that is very fast and easy to work with. Computerized sewing machines resemble electronic sewing machines. They will use the same chips and stepper motors which have been used in electronic machines. Besides, they posses a microprocessor which assists the sewing machine to take new information within a card form and prepare stitching patterns based on the information loaded while in the card. Singer CE-200 Quantum Futura, Singer Quantum XL-6000, Brother SE270D, and Janome 8080 are some examples of computerized sewing machine.