Walking Foot Sewing Machine - Could you Sew Leather Without One?

12/04/2011 16:27

If you are new to leather sewing, you will be wondering if you can work with a normal domestic machine or whether you require a walking foot machine to sew leather. It's certainly a troublesome question but you can find the answer right here in the following paragraphs.


There are three ways in places you can attempt to sew leather over a sewing machine, and only at least one involves using a walking foot machine. Let's look at each method:

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Having a domestic machine -- this is the cheapest way of sewing leather in the event you already own a product, at least on the face of it. Unfortunately, if you use a cheap machine to sew leather; even lightweight leather; something will soon give and it will most likely not be the leather. Either you may bend or break an element or the motor will burn up. However, it is true which a heavy duty domestic machine may well be able to sew lightweight and medium-weight leather even without having a walking foot. A hint to its suitability is if a machine is advertised being able to sew several layers of denim or canvas. A really machine, even if leather is just not mentioned in the description, is pretty likely to be robust enough to manage. Using a universal walking foot attachment -- for approximately twenty dollars you can buy somewhat foot and attach it to some domestic sewing machine. The same caveats apply here as towards the previous method. The machine's motor may not be as resilient as that of a true heavy duty machine and may simply give up the ghost, otherwise you may break or bend section of the machine. However, for those who have a heavy duty machine, attaching a foot is often a way of ensuring that the needle and feed mechanism are compatible with leather when the mechanism from the underlying machine is just not, perhaps because the leather slips and the machine cannot make long enough stitches. Personally, I would not want to sew anything further than lightweight leather into stuff like purses and bags about this sort of set-up. Using a true walking foot machine -- this is the way to sew leather if you are intending to do it often, or if you need to sew heavier grades of leather. A real walking foot machine is designed as a heavy duty sewing machine and will happily feed through and sew the most heavy of materials, whether denim, canvas, sailcloth or leather. Additionally it will carry on doing this without complaint for quite some time. It's a great investment and when leather sewing plays a crucial part in your world, you then might as well get the machine to do the job if you can afford it. Other than being a sound investment, it will likewise be much more enjoyable to sew all those leather purses, bags, belts and clothes over a machine that really is up to the task. Note that whatever machine you sew leather with, you may need proper leather needles (three-sided chisel-tip needles) plus your machine needs to be creating long stitches so that you don't tear the leather.