What Is GPS and How Can It Be Used?

12/02/2011 14:05

GPS signifies Global Positioning System and was first designed to be used by the U.S. military which is operated by the U.S. Defense Department. This system is made of 24 satellites, these satellites are 12,000 miles above us, are constantly choosing a precise orbit, have an atomic clock, and therefore are solar powered. They really have a battery backup therefore they will continue to run in the case of a solar eclipse, and every satellites has a small rocket booster to maintain their orbit. The first satellite was introduced in 1978 and yes it wasn't until 1994 when there initially were a total of 24 satellites. Each satellite contains a life expectancy of about Decade, so new satellites are constantly being built and launched. Each satellite weighs about 2,000 pounds which is approximately 17 feet in width when the solar panels are extended. In the 1980s the GPS became there for the public, and while it is still maintain through the U.S. Defense Department there is absolutely no charge for its usage through the public.


These 24 satellites orbit the earth twice a day and continuously sends the positioning of the satellite. A GPS system can inform how far a satellite is away by comparing plenty of time difference between the time an indication was transmitted along with the time it was received, the more it takes the signal to generally be received by a receiver, the farther away the satellite is. If a GPS is receiving signals from three satellites it may calculate latitude and longitude. Altitude can be determined if the GPS is receiving signals from four satellites.

GPS can be used for navigating your car through traffic day-to-day or tracking a fleet of vehicles. Not only can a driver use a GPS for directions the chief office knows where that vehicle is along with the speed of the vehicle. GPS work extremely well while on vacation for activities such as hiking, camping, or hunting. Is your passion fishing but get frustrated looking to find the fish? With a fish finder which uses both GPS technology and sonar you'll know exactly where to go to find those fish. GPS technology is also being used as a way to track your canine friend if he wanders off or even safeguard a pet from being stolen.

Another use for GPS is as a child finder having a receiver in a child's cellphone or wristwatch to be sure a child's safety. It work extremely well in a teenager's car so as to both know where they and exactly how fast they are driving. This could also be used to keep track of somebody that tends to 'roam' but is not capable enough to get there way back; i.e. someone with Alzheimer's disease.

As GPS technology improves, it uses will increase. Who knows where it will need us next?

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