What is the Difference Between a Bed Comforter Set and Bedspreads

12/02/2011 11:53

Most people makes use of the terms comforters and bedspreads interchangeably, and they also do not make a distinction between a comforter along with a bedspread thus raising the popularity of comforters through the years.

Size Matters

Comforters and bedspreads are not the same and have different origins. The main difference between the comforters and bedspreads is size. As an example Queen Size Bed Comforter Sets. All Queen-size Comforters Are not Equal. A queen-size bed is 60" x 80". You simply must decide the form of comforter you'd like and regardless of whether you want your comforter to protect just the top mattress or perhaps the box spring also. Most comforters will be needing a bed skirt, that gives you the options to mix another design colors or patterns.

If you do have a waterbed, your choice is a specifically made comforter for a waterbed. Don't forget if your bed is often a Platform Bed, a normal size comforter can attain the floor If you have a pillow-topped mattress, your bed comforter sets will need to accommodate a further mattress thickness and height.


Comforters were designed to be used to be a blanket or even a quilt. These days most of these thick fluffy covers are inserted in a duvet and so are used as decorative covers. Most comforters cover the highest mattress and definately will require a bed skirt to protect the box springs. However, many comforters cover any part of the box spring. Comforter that sold to be a bed within a bag bedding sets always incorporate a bed skirt.

Most comforter are thick enough to keep you warm without resorting to a blanket and works as a decorative purpose also. Many comforters are reversible on account of the thick layers of material with batting among and some are even quilted. Which has a Use of a cover you can easily modify the appearance within your bed whenever desired and so are more economical then few luxury comforters sets. A duvet has a opening along one end to help you to insert a comforter easily. This lets you clean the cover vs a comforter.

A bedspread can be created from a thin material like silk or even a thick material like velvet or chenille, bedspread function is strictly to provide a design element on the bed. Comforters have come a long way utilised and design. Comforters would be the most popular choice for top layer bedding use daily and night.


Bedspread designed to be a daytime decorative bed cover. A bedspread finishes the style of a bedroom. They are able to either cover the full bed and hang up all the way to the ground or stop just after side railings from the bed. Plenty of people use a bedspread when sleeping, and typically place a blanket involving the bedspread and also the sheet to supply warmth. Bedspreads are widely-used during the warm weather. A bedspread constructed from a thin material like silk or even a thick material like velvet or chenille, bedspread function is strictly to provide a design element on the bed.

Styles of some Bed Comforter Sets you can find are:


Stripe Solid Floral Plaid Bed Bedding sets are available in an array of material and finishes:



Batik Chenille Cotton Damask Matelasse Quilted Satin Silk Velvet


Whistle Wink Reversible Coverlet Pardise Whistle Wink Reversible Coverlet Paradise Whistle Wink Reversible Coverlet Princess Whistler Radar White Coverlet King White Antique Medallion Matelasse Bedspread White Antique Medallion Matelasse Bedspread White Floral Bedspread Cotton Bedcover White Carefree Elegance Matelasse Coverlet White Chic Chenille Bedspread Full White Chic Chenille Bedspread King White Chic Chenille Bedspread Queen White Chic Chenille Bedspread Twin White Colonial Rose Bedspread Full White Colonial Rose Bedspread King White Colonial Rose Bedspread Queen White Coral Softest Queen Quilt White Delancey Matelasse Bedspread Full White Delancey Matelasse Coverlet King White Delancey Matelasse Coverlet Twin White Grand Supima Matelasse Bedspread White Grand Supima Matelasse Bedspread White Grand Supima Matelasse Bedspread White Milano Matelasse Bedspread Full White Milano Matelasse Bedspread King White Milano Matelasse Coverlet Queen White New England Tradition Bedspread White Portofino Matelasse Coverlet Queen White Portofino Matelasse Coverlet Twin White Prelude Matelasse Bedspread Full White Prelude Matelasse Coverlet Twin White Queen Elizabeth Bedspread Indian Designer Floral Bedspread Coverlet White Regal Vine Matelasse Bedspread The Vermont Country Store Bedspread Wideband Charcoal Quilt Size Queen Wideband Charcoal Quilt Size Twin Patch Magic Wilderness Quilt Size Full Moon Loom Willow Tapestry Bedspread Coverlet Many Full Moon Loom Willow Tapestry Coverlet Spread Home Full Moon Loom Willow Tapestry Throw Spread Coverlet Versatility Willow Savannah Chenille Bedspread Twin Wilmington Coverlet Only Full Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Color Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Cotton Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Eucalyptus Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Color Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Color Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Toffee Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Champagne Windowpane Quilted Coverlet Size Queen

Many luxury bedding sets come with additional touches like a rope braid edging, a tasseled edging. While other be bedding sets have fringe trim or beads. It's advisable a romantic or exotic appeal to your new bed comforter sets. Trims, Tassels and Fringes these kind of additional touches will raise the cost of your comforter set, but will give your bedroom a lavish and expense look.