What Makes A Good Comedy Hypnosis Show?

12/05/2011 00:46

Ever gone to an auditorium and seen people get up on the stage and work like animals, ancient warriors or another people? A good comedy hypnosis show should deliver that!

Real hypnosis involves a person being guided by way of hypnosist, not being taken advantage, exploited or created to do things against their will.

But obviously that's not as much fun as watching someone play the stage like a maniac!

Because in this, running a comedy hypnosis show is certainly a a different skill from regular hypnosis.

On stage, your victims are expected to "sleep" instantly when you say the word. Which means you need rapid induction approaches to enable you to do this.

Most stage hypnotists start their act by finding the people who are most subject to being hypnotized. To ensure the audience may be asked to hold their hands together then imagine that they are glued together and should not be separated. Those listeners whose hands stay together longest are the most likely to be chosen. Another imagination test will be to imagine that one wrist incorporates a helium balloon tied to it. Again, those listeners whose arm floats highest are more inclined to be hypnotized easily.

Once takes place is set, the show begins. Each routine will almost certainly last around 5 minutes, so the average stage hypnotist requires around a dozen items for the good show.

During a comedy hypnosis show, you may see someone eating a raw onion yet thinking it is a delicious apple. Another routine could involve someone who has been put to sleep early in the show but gets up and starts shouting for the audience to "be quiet" when they applaud. This is a good "continuity" routine and results in much hilarity, in particular when another person on stage should chastise the person who is shouting for the audience.

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All in all, comedy hypnosis shows do you have for fun. But they do have their more serious side - if you something you think may be helped with hypnosis, do not be afraid to approach takes place hypnotist afterwards. They are happy to help you.